Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | June 18, 2008

Travel God

Sometime back I had introduced the concept of Binaryman– a superhero who helps programmers in need. In our Hindu mythology we have millions of Gods. Infact it is said that the cow has 360 million Gods in her; hence she is worshipped and considered to be sacred.There is a God for every possible thing that exists in the nature. But I have never heard of a Travel God.

Travel God doesn’t have any form. In hierarchy He is above all the weather Gods like the Wind God, Sun God etc. He controls all of them. His symbols are magnetic compass, Ipod and Digi-Camera…I must a say He is a gadget savvy God. Like our Lord Ganesha’s vehicle (vāhana) is a mouse our Travel God’s vāhana is an Enfield Bullet J.


Travel God is the one who takes care of travel freaks, who guides a traveller in his/her trips, treks and journey and helps travelers facing problems. Before a journey we should always pray to the beloved Travel God. Many times in our trips we say that “..and things just fell into place”. Have you ever wondered how and why these things simply “fall into place”? It’s because He is controlling them, the way we wants it to be. I remember once we had been to Munnar and it was raining heavily for the past two days. The moment we reached it stopped raining and the weather suddenly became very pleasant..idle for exploring places in and around Munnar. Even our guide said that it was the best weather of the season. Now why this happened? It’s only because Travel God was pleased with us…and that is very important. Travel God should always be pleased. He can be unhappy for even the silliest act like eating Paneer Butter Masala in a place like Goa. Always remember to follow the philosophy of “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” to keep Him happy. He expresses his displeasure in different ways, like you might find your vehicle punctured and no one nearby for help or else finding yourself trapped in a traffic jam. For a safe and sound journey, the next time, show respect and have faith in Him.

Binaryman was supposed to be a ficticious concept, but Travel God exists, and I firmly believe in him.



  1. it seems travel god has been always been pleased with us 🙂

  2. So go ahead and construct a temple for this god…

  3. true…

  4. “He can be unhappy for even the silliest act like eating Paneer Butter Masala in a place like Goa” – This is so typical of kiran prakash vaidya’s talks !!! 🙂

  5. // Like our Lord Ganesha’s vehicle (vāhana) is a mouse our Travel God’s vāhana is an Enfield Bullet//

    that was hilarius!!!

    hey i agree there is some supernatural thing that just put everything in place when v r traveling (sometimes)….

    that’s what the book alchemist says…not exact phrase but the meaning it conveys everytime is….when u really want to do sumthing, the whole world follows u and wont stop u from doing that…

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  7. ya Enfield is harley davidson in india..

  8. Thought I should share this with you – I happened to visit a temple called Bullet Baba temple, a unique temple dedicated to a motorbike (an Enfield Bullet). Passersby on the Pali-Jodhpur highway in Rajasthan invariably stop here to pay their respects. In line with your thoughts, I too believe that there exists a travel God, and this place may be one instance!

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