About me: Travel freak

Remaining profile I have copy-pasted from my Orkut account 😉 

relationship status: singleNot me obviuosly..but one of my fav. snap
birthday: August 4
age: 24
here for: friends, activity partners, business networking, dating (women)
children: no
ethnicity: asian
languages i speak: English (US), Hindi, Marathi 
religion: Hindu
political view: depends
humor: campy/cheesy, dry/sarcastic, clever/quick witted, friendly
sexual orientation: straight
fashion: alternative, casual, smart, urban
smoking: no
drinking: no
pets: i like pet(s)
living: with parents, friends visit often
hometown: Pune



  1. Thats not you is it?

  2. Obviously not me…its one of my fav. snap capturing the true essence of India

  3. kiran y have u written about ‘FASHION’????

  4. Seema-> Read it carefully. I have mentioned my lazy self has copy-pasted profile from my Orkut account

  5. There is nothing to read it carefully…
    its evident that the profile is taken from orkut..
    but still y would u write about “FASHION” on orkut too..

  6. Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi

  7. Hey u r fooling people by displaying “14,007 hits” under Blog Stats.

    U hardcoded this in ur HTML.And U chnages this number every time u logged in to ur bolg.

    Proof :
    1) I check source of ur html and seen its hard coded.

    2) Even if u keep pressing refresh button, ur blog stat number doesnt change.

    I wonder why people run for cheap publicity !!!!

  8. Who is this Ranjan? Ithe kay karto ahe? Karta ka tyala hardcoded cha artha? I am not even getting into the number of ways he can be wrong in.

    What irritates me the most, though, is his English. 😛

  9. @Avadhut: I have already sent a big hate mail to him. His email id is If u want to help me ,plz do

  10. I think u send ur response to wrong email id..becoz i didnt received it yet.

    my id is

  11. Dear Mr. Ranjan,

    When dynamic pages are generated (ASP, JSP, and, in the case of WordPress, PHP), you do not see the code used to generate these dynamic pages. Coz’ that would just defeat the purpose then, won’t it? Instead, what you see is HTML generated by these dynamic programming languages. So, in our case, what WordPress must be doing is something like this:

    <?php print “” . total_visitor_count . “”; ?>

    And what you see is:


    It is quite simple actually.

    But technicalities aside, I am rather commenting on the nature of your first comment, and the lexical structure underlying it. Why, and pray do tell us why, would you go around visiting blogs, take the pains to read the underlying HTML, and come to completely wrong conclusions such as the one you made above? What else are you going to do now?

  12. (cont.)
    Try to disprove the credibility of the photos and articles posted on this blog?

    Pray do tell us, why do you think that someone would gain almost orgasmic pleasure in manipulating their blog stats? If he did have to manipulate something, could he just no publish an article that says he won a million bucks, or that he was child-married to Pamela Anderson and she is his lawfully wedded sex-mate? Do ponder on these issue. And while you do so, grab a copy of Wren and Martin—it will do your comment articulation a whole lot of good.

  13. Arrey cha! Ha Ranjan prani palala ki.

  14. Really interesting / knowledgable / informative and very useful for “Traveller” community.

    Go ahead — just not to cover the distance but to cover the lengths between the various cultures / overcoming all the barriers of cast / creed / relegions.

    Be Adventurous! to explore your potentials.

    All the Best!

    Warm Regards

    Jayant Dofey
    Head – Team 29028

  15. Hi
    Have u planned for any four wheeler tour/motoring?

  16. Hi your blog is gr8. Gud 2 read abt ur travel experiences. Would really like to get some tips on bike trips as my group is planning for one. Regards

  17. nice blog dude! hope you update it soon 🙂 good stuff!

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  19. Hey, read all your blogs. Awesome bro ! But were are you now? No posts since 2008 i think ???

  20. Read your Blog and found many interesting things to study and grasp-up for general purposes.

  21. Dear Kiran,

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    Awaiting your response 🙂

    Thank You

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