Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | June 10, 2008

How did I forget this..

I am a proud owner of Bajaj Avenger 200cc DTSi since 7th May. Already completed more than 1200kms 🙂 …and I have already started this blog.
I love its header..



  1. Please please please ek request ahe. Ekach blog thev na. It is strange to dichotomize your travels/life and bike blogs.

  2. I am going to maintain only one blog. The avenger blog is for something related only to Bajaj Avenger nothing else. And in case i write a post of a trip on bajaj will be posted on both the blogs..

  3. Then write something more useful there na instead of the drab ole’ “Specifications.” Please. Like real life stuff. Please delete those specs. They don’t even have any HP specified.

  4. Also visit Bekal Fort near Kasargod… It is nice…

    Did u delete my previous comment?

  5. Sorry-I take back my statement “Did u delete my previous comment?”

    Some confusion…

  6. @shrinidhi: i never deleted any of ur comments..
    thnx for the info on bekal fort..

  7. I know I know… I had written comment for a different post and was looking for it elsewhere… some confusion…

    Also there’re hundreds of small small attractions in our west coast… Kaup light house, Manipal Endpoint, St mary’s island at Malpe, Sultan Batteri near Mangalore and so on…

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