Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | April 21, 2008

An unusual trip

This weekend we went to a place suggested by Mukul. It was somewhere near Mulshi backwaters. As decided by us we are going to keep the details of the place a big secret.

We reached there on our bikes. The road was through semi-dense forests with steep mountains on one side and Mulshi backwaters on the other. Once we left the main Mulshi road we didnt see a single vehicle in the journey. Then came time for the last 1 km of the journey.. time for some serious offroading. The road(was there any??) was through bushes, large pebbles and stones.

We finally reached the place by around 9pm. Honestly I was totally chickened out. Imagine just 5 of us, on a secluded spot, totally disconnected from civilization. Bhajans were being played in the nearest village and I actually I liked it; felt a bit secure. We(rather everyone except me 😉 ) put the grill (which a simple steel mesh) on the stones placed around the small pit and in no time WOOOFFF .. the fire was all set. Immediately we started boiling water for the maggi and put some chicken pieces on the grill.

By mistake (remember–> BY MISTAKE) my legs touched the kerosene which was kept on the ground in a cup spilling it all. We had to use our bike petrol as fuel for cooking. I don’t know why these things happen with me. Once in Nagoan, Konkan we had searched for 45 mins for a shop selling Vodka, we purchased it for 50% more than MRP and just before having it in our hotel room I spilled it :(. Anyways my achievements deserve a separate post.

The chicken was awesome. A BIG THANKS to Mukul, especially bcoz even for Manmit’s sarcastic remarks he prepared it without any chid-chid. (although once he threw a little bit of tantrum by saying he wont do it, but calmed down in seconds 🙂 ).

Anmol meanwhile tried his best to help him and to a certain extent did help Mukul. Talking about Anmol he has put a moustache which is really looking stupid on him.

We were lucky that it was the night before full moon. The moonlight really helped although sometimes the moon was being covered with clouds. The light was bright enough for preparing the food.

We covered the place where we were going to sleep with our bikes..a psychological security for Anmol. After a fight over the places as to where we should sleep (in which I lost and was “Ordered” to sleep in the corner) we slept in no time. The below snap is of our bedroom.

I remember getting up at 6:30am and saying to Manmit that I could hear someone’s footsteps. I was completely in my sleep and I again slept. I could hear Mukul and Manmit getting up and going towards the water to catch a glimpse of the sunrise. I really missed it.

It was an hour since the sunrise but still I was sleeping in my MADE IN USA sleeping bag. I knew Anmol was jealous of it. It was so very comfy comfy. I like such sleeping bags…u just need to slide in it and zip yourself from inside.

Mukul boiled water for some tea and coffee. He had the same enthusiasm after all things were going his way and was enjoying the creative liberty.

The crystal clear clean blue water was too tempting. I decided to swim with Mukul. About 100m from the bank was a very small island. We decided to swim till there. But as I started to swim some kind of fear gripped me. What if I get a cramp like the one I get while doing “Leg curl” exercise in the gym, what if some poisonous reptile or insects bites me, what if I don’t make till the island and worse what if a beast like the Loch ness monster catches hold of me?? I was shit scared. And as I was in the middle of it I realized my stamina had reduced by half. Mukul reached the island and it was a big motivation for me. But I preferred gliding more than swimming and conserving my stamina since I had to return back. Once we reached the island we decided to relax. Now I really missed Avadhut. I mean this guy loves swimming even in canals and here we were swimming in blue waters. It was such a refreshing feeling. A white bird kept hovering around us and made extremely irritating shrieking voice. Adamant Manmit finally photographed us. The one in the front is Mukul and behind him is me and behind me is our small private island. Having said that Manmit clicked a snap of every memorable moment and that must be appreciated.

We packed our bags, cleaned the place (mind u not even a small piece of plastic did we left behind) and rode off on our bikes. Again chance for some off-roading.We wondered how we managed to ride so easily in the night! This was our road..just imagine!!

Manmit clicked this snap from some height. It has come up beautiful.

Now we could enjoy the scenic beauty in the real sense since the previous night we could only knew that we are driving alongside the backwaters. We realized that the huge mountain behind our small private island was another island. We dreamt of purchasing the entire island but we jumped back to reality after the thought that Anmol might help us for the land deal 😉
But imagine, how beautiful it would be to own an island some 50kms from Pune. WOW!!

This superb trip although had a sad end.. I lost my wallet and ofcourse my driving licence 😦 😦 . Luckily for me, I had kept my credit and debit card at home.

With Mukul showing no interest in Konkan and the new found craze of bike trips I think forts and such random trips are the future of our group.

From L to R: Manmit(with a duplicate Ray Ban 😉 ), Mukul(with all biking accessories like a jacket, gloves, knee pads, saddle bags) and Anmol on my future bike hopefully…



  1. Next time when I come, we will prepare a special feast: Anmol a la dhansak


    1. Tell Anmol we are going for a night time swim in the water.
    2. Drown the bunface.
    3. Let him marinate in the water overnight.
    4. Cut him open, gut him, attach him as bait for fish, catch fish, fry fish, garnish fish, eat fish.


  2. Kiran ugich Mahatma bros madhe bhandan lau nakos..i never said anything sarcastic to mukul.
    It was you who said “Birbal chi kichadi kartoys ka?” nahi 😉
    And in btw why am i not credited anywhere..i too helped mukul in setting fire.

    @mukul: thks a ton for yummmyy juicy chicken and black tea ;))

  3. @Avadhut : LOL Anmol A La Dhansak 😀 thats fun.. But m not sure how it will taste?

    @Manmit: Ithe comments lihitos tar mag navin blog ka nahi lihit?

    @ Kiran, @ Mukul: Mala ani Ranjeetla ditch marla na??

  4. @avadhut: lets call the dish anmol 65. I used to call him something similar..

    @manmit: i never said “birbal chi khichadi”. we r real bros.. amchya madhye kadya lau nakos saala petrol pump.

    @seema: u knew the plan. u ditched us 😦

  5. I sure missed this trip, u guys finally BBQd…great! but it wud have been more fun to enter water in the night,I ve tried it and its amazing just to float and watch the stars moon … hmmmm peace… not much J as I misd it for something equally exciting :Football!!! a team of 6 guys and 1 girl crushing assets of the opponent team! howz dat sound 🙂

  6. are you tryin to make me jealous or torture me … well its working …. mean kiran mean !!!! these are the trip i like …. was just tellin a friend the other day …. i miss sleepin under the stars like i used to do … mumbai too full of lights now…

    btw whats why is everyone dyin to eat anmol… all you’ll get is high cholesterol with all that fat ….

  7. @maureeta: Who said we’d eat Anmol. Chee. Never. Ever.

    We simply will kill him and use him as bait to catch the fish we are then planning to cook and consume.

  8. @avadhut: even if you don’t … do u think any fish is goin to be attracted to this bait ….think you’re also polluting the water ….

  9. @Loki: Ha ha! True. Maybe we could just kill him and bury him and still catch fish with the worms we procure when we dig the grounds to bury him. That way, he will still be an integral part of the cooking revelries and yet be dead.

  10. i had no idea your blog is followed so much….your blog came up on search randomly… good going

  11. i think you shud oput some more good pictures of the place..

  12. nice narration with photos. enjoy dudes.

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