Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | April 14, 2008

Big Baazar carries fraudulent practices

I was reading Srinidhi Hande’s blog a few days back. He is India’s one of the most profilic blogger, but the main reason for me to read his blog is that he is a Satyamite. He has written one blog on Big Bazaar and other which gives a word of caution while shopping at retail outlets like Big Bazaar.

It states that retail outlets like Big Bazaar display attractive offers on the shelves, however the same discount is not reflected in the bills since the billing software is not modified accordingly.

On Saturday (12 April) Manmit, Mukul and myself shopped at Big Bazaar. Manmit was looking for Maggi Cup (thats their latest product) and the shelves proudly displayed 5 Rs. off if we buy 4 Maggi cups (25/- for one and 4 for 95/-). Manmit, like any other consumer, was tempted to buy 4 Maggi cups although he wanted only 2.

At the time of the billing I had a strong intuition that the 5/- discount wont be reflected in the bill. After a thorough check of the bill my intuition turned out to be true. We went to the Customer Help desk and once the so-called sales manager confirmed with the floor manager for the discount and after a 15minutes wait our precious, hard earned 5/- were returned back.

Here the question is not of those 5 Rs. It is about the fraudulent practices carried by these retail chains like Aditya Birla More, Reliance Fresh etc. These retail chains have studied the psychology of the Indian consumer and have mastered the art of fooling us. Almost each and every shelf/ rack offers some discount. And now imagine the profit margin if 20% of these discounts are not reflected in the billing software. We generally don’t recheck the bill and with the habit of payment by plastic money the probability is even more.

Just now my PM asked me what I am writing about and I told him about the same. He had similar experience in More Retail Store, however in his case he was given a note which stated to deduct that amount the next time he shops. By carrying such practices they fool the already fooled consumer to again shop at their store.

My advice is ALWAYS CHECK the bill to check whether the offers and discounts are ACTUALLY REFLECTED in the bill when shopping at all these retail stores.



  1. we had a similar exp at Big bazar the last time. It was about Dearmline Beedsheets. The offer said “Buy bedsheet worth Rs 499 at price of 399”. And when I finished selecting the bedsheet after spending half n hour the guy said the offer was not for that particular bedsheet. The bedsheets on which the offer was valid were some horrific wallpaper type bedsheets… I asked the guy then y was it put on the discount rack? He did not have a answer… I was damn pissed… and in the final bill when Ranjeet checked they had not deducted 700/- bucks which was the discount.

    One more time at pune central I was buying some cosmatics at the revlon section. I selected around 5 items. I told the lady on the counter to give me fresh pieces of all the ones which I had selected. She agreed to it. (I mean she has to right). After making the bill and Ranjeet paying for it , she is telling me that she does not have a fresh piece of one of the items and that the one she had used on me was a fresh one only…. It took us 1 hour to reach to their manager and explain the problem. Finally they made available a fresh piece. But then I had to argue so much… It was pathetic.

  2. Interesting………….. if any one of you wants to sue these retail chains please contact me. since you are my friends i shall give you a discount on my fees.

  3. @ Apurva: DISCOUNT in the fees ? I thought we would get a complete waiver 🙂 ALAS……..

  4. u must go to brand factory then..
    u will also find duplicates!!!

    a typical woodland tree on the sole and inside the shoe it spells “Magic” just for 900 bucks

  5. Hi. Kiran, thanks for the mention.

  6. Dear Shrinidhi,
    I am a regular customer of Big Bazaar but last few months I have observed that Big Bazaar is not doing well in respect of quality of product, delivery of product, customer respect, and behaviour of executives of Big Bazaar and billing executive’s behaviours.
    If you will keep a complaint register at every store for feedback of customer then you will get every day 400 to 500 complaints daily per store.
    Now a day customer is educated and having knowledge about product and other things. Once a product anybody can sale but maintaining relationship with customer is very difficult and this is the real business.
    A healthy relationship with customer is a sign of large sale due to repeatedly purchase by same customer.

    You have a time to improve your organization other wise you are loosing 100 customers daily per store.

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