Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | March 31, 2008

Embarrassing moments

In the last 2 months-

  1. We are watching Vantage point and it is interval time at Adlabs I am talking on the phone in the corridor with my dad and see 2 doors – one with a huge poster displaying Aishwarya’s jewelry and the caption “A Rajput princess” and another which shows only Hrithik’s moustache with the caption “A Mughal Emperor”

    Obviously I enter the first door. A few shrieks, screams and I sprint back to my seat. The posters were used to differentiate the washrooms.

  2. Avadhut is back in town and we are standing outside Malaka Spice. Seema’s giggles and then her description of my zip being open.
  3. 2 days ago…in my office washroom… the jet spray slips from my hand leaving my white full shirt (upper right hand side) wet.

    The shirt turns transparent. Next 10 minutes I am crouching and ducking so that the shirt is exposed to the dryer…all this in the in-between-times when no one is in the washroom. Still a bit wet and obvious.. I quietly sit on my place and I don’t move for the next 2 hrs.



  1. @ Kiran : I dont believe you u when u say that u just had 3 such moments in two months…. Moreover in moment # 2 it did not seem as if u were embarrased. Well I cant still stop giggling when I remember the “Black-out” in moment # 2.

    By the way what is this rambo circus?

  2. HAHAHAHA! LMAO! Hilarious, man.

  3. god, when these guys used to tell me bout you , i thought no one can be worse than me …. did somethin similar on my first day at col… only thing -the guys didn’t shriek …. and well the sign was covered cause of some repairs … so…..well … but you had a pic on the door man !!!
    kiran … i now hand over my crown …

  4. mudamoon ata gelas na? Khara sang. 😛

  5. I love how you can remember and phrase the details of these moments so well. I know I must’ve experienced similar things but whenever someone asks me for my most embarrassing moments I can’t recall anything that would qualify. I KNOW i’ve had many embarrassing moments, no doubt about it, just hard for me to recollect.

  6. wtf ! whats the deal with ash and hrithik!
    when i need to use the bathroom, the last thing i need is a puzzle!!! ugh!

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