Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | March 14, 2008

I took my parents to a 5 star Hotel

Since a few months we (my family) had been planning a dinner but for some reason it always got postponed/cancelled. The primarily reason were my unavailability on weekends and my gym (which I go after 9pm) on weekdays. So I decided to plan something special for them and take them to a 5 star late night as the coffee shops of all 5 stars are open 24 hours.

We reached Sun ‘n Sand which is just next to my office on D.P. Road. My parents and my dad in particular was very excited about the plan. He had been to Taj Blue Diamond on very few occassions for his office conferences. My mom and never been to any star-rated hotel before. She kept on saying, “Why spend so much and that too when there is no special occasion”… and that’s what I wanted take them to a nice place just like that..when there is no special occasion.

My dad in all the excitement brought our cordless phone 🙂 by mistake. I warned him not to take it out from his trouser pocket. It was not also as if he brought the cordless mistaking it for his Motorola, since his Motorola was in his shirt’s pocket. Sun ‘n Sand has those big rotating doors with three slabs and one needs to be quick in between those slabs to enter. My mom stood still and when one of the rotating slab touched her she screamed..but a in a low tone ..THANK GOD 🙂 🙂 !!

My parents were having a glance at the menu card and in the next few seconds.

Dad: “Mineral Water, 80 Rs…too much.. yeh kuch jyada hi ho gaya..”
Mom: “Masala Chai, 90Rs.”

I told them to look only in the left hand side of the menu card. Sun n’ Sand had an Italian Festival and the waiter got its menu card. My dad wanted to try some Italian liquor which my mom didn’t allow 😉 obviosuly. We ordered for Pasta (Penne, Spaghetti, Fusilli) and a Veg. Sizzler. To my surprise my mom simply loved the Sizzler and as expected they didn’t like the pasta much. My dad even said it “Maida che gole” (Balls of maida.. although the shape was nowhere like a ball). I was teaching them dining etiquettes in a 5 star 😉 ..thank God Avadhut, Seema etc. were not there!!

My mom was observing the minute details of the restaurant like each bouquet was kept at equal distance and was exactly the same, the frames and the overall ambience. My dad, on the other hand, was more interested in observing the people- the way they present themselves.

I knew that my mom was eating just for the sake of not wasting any food and so I helped her out in finishing the pasta…I was extremely hungry (like always) after the gym and could have finished half the pasta easily. My mom asked me the time and only then did she realize that it was 12:30am…and she was like “Oh my God!! 12:30.. I thought it must be around 11:30.. we should go back to our home”, but my dad was enjoying every moment of the dinner and he immediately responded “Not today!”. Just when they thought that the dinner is over I ordered for a Sizzling Brownie. I had it the last time I was here and it was yummy, so scrumptious that leaving the hotel without tasting it was like a sin.

The waiter got the Sizzling Brownie and then in style poured some liquid (which I think was alcohol) around it and lit it with his lighter. My mom watched the flame around the brownie like the kid who enjoys the sight of gas balloons drifting in the air. My dad made gestures (which reminded me of Calvin’s dad) as if he is used to this luxurious life and eats a Sizzling Brownie almost daily 😉 .

Calvin and his dad

I could feel some sense of pride in the heart of my parents. While returning my dad simply said “maaza aa gaya” and my mom (who generally doesn’t express her feelings) said that she enjoyed the brownie and sizzler. I felt really nice. Its Kobe Sizzlers the next time for sure!!



  1. I can just picture the twinkle of excitement in their eyes…

    A feeling so satisfying it must be, when countless emotions played silently between the three of you…

    A small gesture that lasts forever…

    Cheers to ur gesture!!

  2. Your best post till date..
    My maa is also same..she will bifurcate food as if she is operating on it, and then will say “We can do this at home also”..aayan chi goshtach vegli aste.

    @Kiran: thoda jastha jala..tu ani dining etiquettes ;)) tuzhi plate kadhi bugitli aahes ka? kombdi nachli aahe asa watta.

    mazhya aali..really enjoyed it.

  3. Hehe! My mother has this worried expression on her face while scanning menu cards. Which is hilarious and embarrasing at the same time.

    Oh and yeah, for the dessert “flambe”? It would have to be alcohol poured and then lit. Rum or something. So, basically, your parents unwittingly had booze!

  4. Oohhh, forgot to mention: great new “chaddi”!!! LOL.

  5. @neha: thnx . increase ur blogging frequency, now that ur on bench 😉

    @immature: the way u write ur name itself speaks of ur maturity. felt really nice when u said “the best post”.. 🙂 .

    @Charl: ” chaddi” LOL

  6. Nice read 🙂 I enjoyed and one of the most satisfying feeling in the world is to see ur parents Happy….And if the reason for their happiness is ur random act , then its even more staisfying 🙂

    Nice post..I wonder if Avadhut has read this one?

  7. @Seema: Why am I being dragged into this? Why can’t different people have different “most satisfying feelings”? 😛 Tumche satisfying feelings satifying feelings, amche satisfying feelings tukar?

    @Kiran: Ata tuzha mule azun don lokana five star madhye khata yenar nahin. 😛

  8. @ Avadhut: I did not say anything abt ur feelings…
    ani mi ajibat mahantla ki tuzhe feelings tukar aahet… Tula tasa vatun ghyacha assel tar mi kahi karu shakat nahi.. Tuzhya bhashet everyone is free to have their own are u n so am i 🙂 Any by the way I was refering to Kiran’s “dining etiquettes ” cause he has mentioned u there. Read Carefully…..

    U always get me wrong i guess… Bur asso tula assa ka vatla ki mi tula ajun kahi mahanti aahe?

  9. @anyone who knows avadhut: I will take this opportunity to tell u something abt avadhut.. our friend avadhut’s (Hal/phatrya/nagdya/kutra/Avs) dad was recently in hospital and all of us had visited his place after his dad’s recovery. When we were lying in his room Mukul was having a chat with his dad.
    His dad said “Avadhut behaved in the most responsible manner and really took care of meand handled the situation very well…something which was much beyond our expectations”. He was full of praises for Avadhut.
    This guy might give u the perception as if he is not too emotional/sensitive regarding his family affairs… but thats not the case.

    Avadhut is a very responsible person and all of us were proud of him when mukul narrated us the chat in the return journey.

    @avadhut: The quota reserved for all-nice-things-to-be-said for the year 2008 to u is full. Henceforth dont expect kind words from me.

  10. good read Kiran… after all spendng time with parents is different and often nosalgic in today’s world of -office,crappy boss, love, politics, health consc… I had recently gone out for a typical picnic kind of outing with parents, bro and hubby at good ol mulshi… mom packed lunch as she used to when we were kids… it brought back all childhood memories…

  11. @Seema: Sorry 😦 🙂
    @Kiran: Image kharab karto ahes! Gappa bas ata.

  12. Ha! Is anyone going to do a list of Avadhut flaws? I have a longggg list somewhere I’m sure.

    Hmph 😐

    PS: Blue neighbours? Your neighbours watch porn? Or do they just engage in a lot of it? Or is just that my mind is in the gutter? :p

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