Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | February 14, 2008

Confessions…finally a BLOG – Part 1

No, no, no.. I havent forgotten about my blog…but for some reasons had stopped from blogging. The primarily reason was everytime I thought of posting a write up on my blog I had just one thing in my mind.. but didn’t want people to know about it. Its something what Charl once composed in her blog titled- I would post everyday. But I hated I couldn’t express my emotions, my feeling freely on my blog. Since a few days there were many things which spurred me to write this blog..

  1. Apurv’s mail appreciating my blog and my style of writing it. Felt really nice after reading it.
  2. Mukul’s write ups on his rajasthan trip.. boy.. they were so nicely written.. and very honestly better than my expectations.
  3. Exclusion of my blog link from Charl’s blog.. .. I was disappointed but it also means that my frequency of blogging was declining like our tiger population.
  4. Manmit’s blog …that was probably the biggest inspiration.
  5. Finally I decided to make it official on my blog

Since my last post things have changed a lot in my life on the personal front. I missed blogging a lot, but was a frequent reader of others blog. Rather I have even subscribed to everyone’s blog in my outlook, so I get updated each time someone posts a comment or a blog. There were so many moments, so many emotions, so many opinions that I felt like writing about it… Let me recollect happenings in the last 2-3 months.

  1. Mukul and Avadhut completed their dream-trip till Pakistan border on a CBZ from Pune. At first when Mukul told me about it I was like “Is he crazy!!”, but he proved all his critics wrong and listened to his inner voice and went ahead with the plan. I missed it!! I missed it!! I missed the trip. I hate working in a typical corporate firm for the first 29 days of the month !!
  2. There were moments when I was extremely irritated and disappointed with Haval. Felt like slapping him really hard. Rather than being angry I was ( I still am) extremely hurt. Now he is on a month long business trip.. that’s what he wanted, I guess.. but its of no use.. I know, he won’t change… he is a very stubborn, adamant and a selfish person. Having said that when it comes to his family he is the most selfless person I have known, that’s Haval for you.. sometimes I feel he suffers from multi-personality disorder.
  3. Seema got married and 12th Feb she had arranged a small “Daru” party at her place. We had Mauritian rum and Wine with Surmai Tandoor and Biryani for dinner. It was one memorable party. I like such a small house party. The comfort level is so very different and we can discuss on any damn thing and laugh on any stupid joke. Ranjeet & Family proved to be a great host. They were so made-for-each-other.
  4. Talking on marriages, Omkar and Mayur also got married and all of us had met on 10th Feb. Suddenly things seem so different in the group, the topics, the discussions they all have changed.
  5. Kanchan too got married (but it’s a long time now).. though I must say it was a bit late by our expectations.. as in since our school days we used to say that she would be the first one amongst us to be married.. but even Sukhada married before her…
  6. I thoroughly enjoyed spending the first weekend of Feb with Mukul..missed Manmit though.
  7. I also enjoyed playing cricket at Pandya’s place this weekend. Reminds me of my good old gully cricket days… but somethings haven’t changed.. like false appeals for a catch etc, using every inch of my body to stop the ball from hitting the stumps, chatting post cricket mostly on football or cricket, appya’s passion for the sport.. It reminds me in my 11th and 12th (fergusson college) we used to play inter-division unofficial half pitch cricket matches. We lost something like 16 matches in a row with G Division…and still the excitement never reduced. And then finally we won a match. We celebrated by running on the ground and then eating bun-wada sambar in FC Canteen. Appya was the happiest of all. I remember, once while umpiring I gave Appya caught behind to Himanshu’s bowling . It was a controversial decision but according to Appya he was not out. He still curses me for that.
  8. I spent the most memorable new Goa.. Unforgettable.
  9. I will never repeat the mistake of driving my car the whole night on the highway, it’s a promise!!
  10. Nowadays I have started lying to my parents regularly, cant help.. will stop it soon… its one of those scenarios when everyone is right in their place.    
  11. Since the last 2-3 months we all meet so rarely and I sometimes feel that Avadhut should shift back to Pune… it’s a selfish thought but I don’t know why.. I really miss the fun we used to have.
  12. I don’t find time for myself.. and I really hate it.
  13. I now understand that it’s too difficult to find really great friends at your workplace.
  14. I also feel like visiting Hyderabad once and meet Jeeten and cherish the 4 months I have spent in Hyderabad… miss Manisha, Praby and Sanket a lot.. only God knows if I will be able to meet them.
  15. Felt sad for KT, but atleast she is enjoying ghar-ka-khaana.
  16. I still haven’t gathered the guts to talk with one of my best friend’s parents…don’t know the right words to console them.
  17. I have realized that too much of happiness leads to insecurities
  18. More than 1/3rd of the day I spend in my office.. it’s is my 2nd home. I like working there (apart from the obvious reasons) as I have an identity.. I can speak on friendly and personal terms with all the senior people in our projects. I like such an atmosphere to work in.

Confession Time… well it deserves a separate post… PART 2 … promise and it will be very soon



  1. Nice post after a long time…
    Yes… looks like life has taken a U-turn for all of us 🙂

    But i am still so glad that at least on some occasions we all are together and having fun.

  2. Finally! He spurts! Calendar avadla. Won’t say more than that here.

    I was just talking to someone the other day about the days we spent in Pune. And how even our breakfasts used to be such a production—Bedekar, Krishna, Appyachi khichadi…the list can just go on and on. Every single free minute was spent doing something or the other, and mostly together—the sunday morning football, badminton, endless cups of chai in the University open canteen, basketball \. Even something as simple as “shifting my room” would be an event! 🙂

    Remember Erin Brockovich from the building opposite Laveera park, and your wheelie on my CD100. Ha ha.

    And the time we almost were bludgeoned by the mob in Tulsi baug.

    Our less than legitimate sources of HDDs, RAMs, and all others things un-affordable.

    And the cats in my house.

    Mukul’s refusal to go home from my room for more than 6 nights in a row under the pretense of “baher kiti thandi ahe,” and his obsession for RHTDM.

    Manmit ani tyache manache khel.

    Suman and JP!

    Kiran, if we wanted to, we could probably write a post each for the days we spent together in Pune.

  3. I think you picked a brilliant way to come back. What a lovely honest post.

    As if I wasn’t already down about the way my life is going right now (and also hampered by the fact that it’s pms time which equals crying at any stupid thing, including cute dog commercials and sad love songs), your post is so poignant, I can’t help be a little (more) wistful. And maybe cry a litte into my scarf and pray that nobody saw.

    I unlinked you on a bad day…there are times when I think that there are friendships I’ve made and things I’ve done because of him, but now that it’s over I want to purge everything about him out of my system. Unlink you, stop hanging out with our friends, put away everything little he gave me, hide his name on my gmail list. It’s all like one big sacrifice, just to keep the pain at bay.

    And the changes, seems like you’re not to only one who’s struggling with change…it’s so hard that there’s no one single solution I can offer you.

    There’s always a day when you don’t hurt anymore about the the little things you miss and it’ll all just be a good memory. Here’s to waiting for that day.

  4. On a brighter note, I forgot to mention that it’s so cool you have subscribed to xkcd feeds! Yay! Isn’t fricking awesome!

  5. Finally!!!
    you made a good comeback!!!
    i was afraid u lost ur creative side as mst ppl in love do!!
    glad to see ur blog..way to go..awesome 🙂

  6. I’m fetishizing stand to the denise richards nude in wild things now.

  7. In any scenario you are not right. You hardly meet up..ani cal pan nahi. In last month i had more conversation with avadhut than u..these days he is replyin to chats.

    Btw what are you insecurities?

    Avadhut: Krishna kuthe aala. me ka nahi gelo tithe?

  8. @avadhut: rightly said…we can have a post on each “event” that we have celebrated together

    @kt: “creative side” —sounds really nice 🙂

    @manmit: plz update ur blog— this is issued in public demand

    @charl: gud to c ur comment on my blog after a long time

    @cma and avadhut: i had posted this blog after abt 3 months and within 12 hrs of me posting it u 2 had commented on it… i had not even told u abt my post.. felt really nice ..that u guys used to visit my blog on a regular basis even when i was not active on my blog 🙂 🙂

  9. @point no. 4 rather be it no.14

    we all miss u a lot too…
    remember those walks?? food we used to hog and ofcourse how can i forget those ELTP kick-off meetings….!!!
    miss every bit of u in those memories…
    wish to see u once again…. sometime.. before i get married… or u gettin married before me … 😦

    @point 0.

    remember wat lord krishna had said in mahabharat “lying that does good to some1 is better than sayin truth that hurts some1”

    i guess d some1 in this sayin will b u.. 😛

    i am dyin to read part-2.

  10. hey there, its nice to read your blog again …. maybe i’ll start again too… btw what did you mean by ‘ have realized that too much of happiness leads to insecurities ‘ ? Btw can you please send me our Goa New Year pics …

  11. […] a write up on my blog I had just one thing in my mind.. but didn??t want people to know about it. It College &lt Pune &lt Pune District &lt Maharashtra &lt India in …Yahoo! reviewed these […]

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