Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | October 11, 2007

Love – It’s the most selfish of all human emotions.

A catchy title!! But don’t u all think that love is indeed the most selfish of all our emotions. When in love we feel that only both of us should exist in our own space. There will be innumerable moments which I will feel of spending only with her. There will be thousands of topics which I will feel like discussing just with her. I would hate if she talks about someone (obviously some guy) constantly. I would want her to have the similar feelings for me.

Rather I think love is the “only” selfish emotion. I can share emotions like happiness, sadness, jealousy, frustration, depression with all my dear and closed ones and I feel one should be selfless regarding these emotions, especially happiness and sadness. God has created these emotions to share with our friends/closed ones.

Love teaches you to be selfish. Also emotions like possessiveness, obsession find birth in love…although they are an extreme form of it. But pure and unconditional love is what we all are searching for. Its becoming as rare as the snow leopards..and the ones who have found it are the blessed, lucky and fortunate ones…

I don’t know what I am thinking and writing about.. too abstract and making no sense.. I think its time for me to sleep. Good Night.

PS: Please don’t assume anything. Yet another random thought before going to bed.



  1. Interesting but I believe it is true. True love is in loving ourselves first then others.

  2. Thats absolutely brilliant. Would never have looked at it that way.

    You should write more often with a sleepy head 🙂

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