Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | September 28, 2007

The Goan Diaries – Day 3

September 2, Sunday:

9:30 am –

Why?? Why Mukul has to do it always? Why did Avadhut join him in waking me up? Why can’t the world just let me sleep for a few hours more? “I am gonna book a separate room for myself  the next time on a similar lazy trip” . It was just another stupid thought when half asleep. We could hear the rain drops. The sound this time was irritating.

Avadhut’s idea the previous night of praying to Rain Gods had not worked.

Some light on Avadhut’s plan after being completely drenched while returning from Britto’s.

“As it is we will use abusive and offensive language for the rains. Why not use some soft words instead. The Rain Gods may in turn grant our wish and they might just stop the rains”

I agreed and kept on saying all nice things about the rains. The result was we were greeted with heavier rains on Sunday. Next time I am not going to listen to Avadhut’s crap.

10:30 am-

ronil royale

Breakfast time!! Corn Flakes, Toasts with butter and jam, Ham, sausages and of course a glass of Hot Chocolate (yummm!!) were on our platter. Like always Mukul’s order was decided by Avadhut. We followed this ritual of a brunch almost daily.

That lazy baby octopus was still in the bed. Since it was raining heavily the only option was to loaf in the pool.

We invented a game where in 2 of us defend one side of the pool by not letting the 3rd reach to it. I hate to admit that Avadhut won the game very easily. He went underwater, crossed us and then used an aggressive back stroke (he was literally kicking us) to reach the other end of the pool. It also helps when Mukul is more interested in helping him win ;).

We scripted a song and were shouting it loudly.

The lyrics –

“Kaka, Kaka, Kaka!!


Kaka, Kaka, Kaka,

Do u WS?

Do u WS?”


We were enjoying our guy-giri(more of gay-giri) but had to stop since Monitor came near the pool. Till that time Anmol was clicking Mukul and Avadhut’s snaps. It was now time for our hero to enter the pool. And he did it in style.

Mukul kept changing his moods- sometimes sticking to the walls of the pool, then suddenly completing 1 whole round of breast stroke (Imagine the white tigers in Sunderbans), sitting besides the pool, then in a romantic mood (with Avadhut ofcourse) and then lying on the wooden bed with a drink.

Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions.  ~Peter Hoeg

I must add that Ronil Royale gave us some very nice hospitable treatment by serving the drinks pool side.

In one corner of the pool a poor soul kept on attempting a few strokes, hopeful of learning to swim someday. Just like Mukul can never learn football or Manmit can never learn a bike similarly the poor soul should stop thinking of swimming.

3:00 pm-

I had only 1 pair of footwear in Goa and they were my shoes which I was wearing. I had decided to purchase “Osho” slippers the moment I reach Goa. That moron Avadhut had got some 1 year old 100/- slippers which were already torn. So when Mukul was having his bath we slipped off to buy slippers. Mukul didn’t like at all that we had left him for shopping. But we couldn’t find a nice pair of slippers. I still remember the 500 m drive. The speed was 20 kmph and we were talking of the joy of driving at such low speeds. We returned to our room where my deodorant was used like a water spray. I hated it as Avadhut was interested in taking a vengeance on me since I had used his deos for 4 years in a similar manner.

4:45 pm-

Anmol was like a true guide (I am saying this in a nice way) for our trip. His numerous visits to Goa had made him a true Goan. He knew all the best kept secrets of Goa. But most important is he knew the kind of places we would love to hang out.


Lunch at Infanteria was his suggestion. It was a simple double storey restaurant serving typical English breakfast and Goan cuisine. The waiter was a “Nepta” and kept repeating the word “Extraordinary”. I asked for a “feni” and he told me “The feni of Goa is extraordinary. I used to drink 50 glasses”. Anmol ordered for a Vindaloo , I tried chicken cafreal and I think Mukul went for a squid dish. It was nice.

We decided of mailing a Marathi adjective/day to Monitor describing Anmol. Its English translation and if applicable an analogy will also be given. However till date it’s not being implemented and I fail to understand the reason. I think I have to take an initiative in this.

5:45 pm-

Monitor had some personal work in Mapusa and Anmol accompanied her. Me, Avadhut (who had some official work) and Mukul went to the nearest internet café. I was desperate to watch the snaps. I made a small presentation of the snaps and sent it to My Office Gang. We copied the snaps on Mukul’s pen drive (Thank God! He got it) and did a bit of orkutting. Mukul, expectedly, uploaded the snaps on his Orkut profile.

7:40 pm-

We meet at Mapusa circle and visit the Mapusa market as we wanted to purchase wine and cashew nuts. However, being a Monday, it was almost entirely closed except for a very few shops. It was a wise idea of Mukul (though Anmol will take credit for it) of sending stuff like cashew nuts and wine bottle with Anmol on Wednesday. But that a** charged one packet of masala cashews as Lagaan from me.BTW Anmol gave it to me today.


We did a short photo shoot for Monitor (and Mukul comes by default).


My camera cover got lost and I took the opportunity to shout on Anmol. Finally Monitor found it under the bed.

Dad had called me in the evening to tell about the weather forecast in Goa. “Heavy rains accompanied by thundershowers” were the words used by him. True to our IMD’s prediction, we had to face the inevitable. We were still hopeful that it might stop. Monitor was dressed prettily and was all set for a party. But the rain Gods had made up their mind to spoil our mood. We had just crossed the road and it started raining so heavily that we even cancelled the idea of going to the nearest restaurant. It meant another meal in Ronil Royale. I felt sorry for Monitor. We had ordered Chicken in White Sauce (Monitor’s request) and Anmol had ordered Prawns Vindaloo.


We decided to party indoors. Avadhut prepared a cocktail for us. The recipe:

· 30ml Vodka

· 30ml Soda

· 30ml Khup concentrated syrup (which I had got all the way from Pune since Avadhut and Anmol don’t drink).

I liked the taste. We played soft music. Again bringing the speakers all the way from Pune was an initiative of me and Mukul. Monitor danced on the tunes of Shakira. She danced so easily when the steps seemed impossible for me. Mukul also displayed his skills. Monitor helped Mukul with a few steps of Western dance (BTW I label any “phirang” dance as Western). Anmol also joined in.


I joined Mukul when “Prodigy” was played. It was our last night together. The next morning Monitor was going to leave early…very early. I wished a final “Good night” and good-bye..since there was no chance of me getting up at 4:00am. We went back to our respective rooms. It was also our last night in Ronil Royale.


A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles  ~Tim Cahill


  1. Why are all the references to me (Mukul) associated with Mukul (me)? So not true, this whole association.

    The comments Kiran makes early in the mornings resemble a 2-year-old’s attempts at making sense—grumble, mumble, peep, curl, zzz…

  2. I know Avadhut ,REALITY BITES.
    Wait.. i am gonna spill more facts abt the association in my forthcoming posts

    Hey, BTW if i have missed nething do add..

  3. hmmm… gets better… now v talkin of u guys in Goa…

  4. nice pictures….but i thought it was a boyz trip…! if not why weren ‘t we invited???

  5. ma i iri je a hallall te koft super lojtar je bay

  6. tung a je mir qka poban a po te rrieht o kaka un ty te du shumm se me pelqen ti mu sepse je gola shenusi ma i mir tunggggggggggg kalo mir qaooo

  7. tugn kaka’ ma i miri je ne te gjitha ndeshjet e milanos je i shkelqyeshum me pelqen shum te pershendes ty dhe te gjith futbollistet e millanos tung

  8. nice trip n nice writing..
    want to see more snaps of scenery at Amboli.

  9. je shum i mir perfekt je a kaka caroline dhe luca edhe te gjith lojtaret e milanos jeni te shkelqyeshem qao te dua te amo

  10. qu penggemar kaka senang kenal dengan fans i rossoeneiri

  11. send imge please….kaka

  12. k………………….a………………………k………………………a

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