Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | September 17, 2007

The Goan Diaries – Prologue

August 19, Sunday:

11:30 pm-

We had returned from our 500 kms Divyaghar bike trip which was more like those dress rehearsals for our school gatherings.


The dream was turning into a reality. Goa seemed practical and feasible.  But Manmit was still not confirmed, we couldn’t trust Anmol, our bikes were also not sure- Anmol’s Pulsar or my Splendor or Anmol’s Avenger.

Nothing was still sure. Not even the dates for our Goa trip. In this uncertainty what stood were 2 minds with one firm idea and a heart which had just one thing to say – GOA in early September.

August 22, Wednesday:

7:00 pm-

Mukul: “Its, now or never”.

Me: “But…”.

Mukul: “Is it possible for you in October for 8 days”.

Me: “No ways”.

Mukul: “I had a chat with Halvya yesterday. Sept. first week is also possible for him. In October probably I might be busy. And don’t worry about Anmol. I know him. We need to keep telling him that we are going in ANY CASE. No one is going to wait for him. I am 100% sure that when Anmol has no other alternatives he will come with us without any complaints. But make sure that we keep telling Anmol that the dates cannot be adjusted. He will even leave his KF job for this trip. He will be for the trip.”

“Regarding Manmit… I think he will also come. If not, you please talk to Seema regarding Manmit’s leave. See to it that the leave is granted”.

Me: “Hahaaa. Neither does Seema control Sutra nor I am its CEO. Lets hope for the best”.

Mukul: “So its decided..we are leaving either on Aug 31st or 1st Sept. Kiran, now dont think much. I am calling Avadhut and confirming the plan”.

(after 20 mins)

Mukul: “Had a chat with Kutra. He is all ready for the trip.”

Me: “Great..chal bye”.

Mukul: “Byee.. we will tell Anmol after 2-3 days otherwise he might create a problem. BTW Ava picked my phone twice today 🙂 . byeeeeee And talk with Manmit and Seema regarding the leave”.


“A wise traveler never despises his own country .” — Pamela Goldoni



  1. AAgain, anmol is sooooo predictable ha ha ha ha… da ‘repeating yourself many a times’ worked right in front of me at Shisha’s the other day… you guys rock wid your predictions 🙂

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