Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | September 17, 2007

The Goan Diaries – Day 1

(I hope you have read the “The Prologue“)

August 31, Friday:

7:30 pm-

My dad was as much excited as all 4 of us. He helped me in packing, giving tips on traveling at night on bikes (although he cannot drive a foot gear vehicle) and was “serious” on his idea of driving our Maruti as a service car for our trip provided we sponsor the petrol.

Avadhut did an amazing job of tightly fastening 3 bags to Avenger. The joy could be clearly seen in Mukul’s eyes- after all it was his biggest dream. Anmol also helped Avadhut. I am not sure but I think he just prayed for a few moments in his mind. My biggest help was not helping them in packing the stuff 😉 .

7:50 pm-

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” — Lao Tzu

Avadhut followed our ritual of smashing a coconut on the road before leaving for the trip. We then clicked the first snap of the trip.

The dream… it wasn’t one any more. Our planning, since we watched DCH some 6 years ago, had finally materialized.  Kalyani arrived just as we were about to leave. I was wishing for the same. I bid my family a final good- bye. The engines roared. I was sitting behind Anmol and Avadhut behind Mukul (obviously). 


The timing of this trip couldn’t be better. My project was almost about to end. I had worked hard for it; really hard. Also I was desperate for some change in my life and I thought it could prove to be the best getaway from the unilateral thoughts of my mind. And the most important reason being I didn’t had one big trip in a long time. I felt as if I have achieved something really great.

“If you look like your passport photo, you’re too ill to travel.”– Will Kommen

8:30 pm-

We were on NH-4. I had finished messaging my VIT and Satyam friends. Our first stop was at the petrol pump. Another opportunity to click snaps.


  As were about to leave the petrol pump, the watchman of the pump gave me my wallet. It was lying on the pump’s floor and according to him it was almost under a Tata Sumo’s tyre had he not intervened. I thanked him but knew he was lying about the latter part.

The drizzle had started warning us about the thunderstorms in Goa which were predicted by our IMD. Mukul stopped the CBZ to wear his rain wear over his Harley-Davidson yellow jacket. He likes these small stops to wear the rain coat or at the petrol pumps (that’s why he never keeps his petrol tank full) or a small 5 min break only for the sake of taking one.

In just about an hour and half we had crossed Satara.

9:30 pm-

Anmol suggested the dinner place – a Kolhapuri version of Dhaba where the waiters were dressed like the Peshwes. I am sure it was the first time he was going to this Dhaba (Pranjali), but he sounded as if he has come here many times. The menu read Mutton in Pure ghee. Now the temptation was too much and I decided to break my Sankashti Chaturthi. I confess that I had a heavy guilty feeling later (good the feeling came after I finished my dinner 😉 ). I missed Manmit for the dinner since I know his weakness for Kolhapuri food. I was a bit surprised as “Tambda rassa” was missing from the Thali.

I don’t quite remember but on some joke we laughed like crazy. Even the ones sitting on the near by tables started smiling watching us laugh. Anmol (as expected) whined as he had to answer nature’s call (on an urgent basis). Before strolling to the near by bushes, Anmol was having a deep look at his bike by bending down (as if he knows about it). Just then I shouted- “Tithech basun karto aahe bahutek”. This might sound silly while reading the blog but it was a great source of laughter for us for the next 10 minutes.

11:30 pm-

I called mom and dad as I knew they must be waiting for it. I told dad that we are only 100 kms from Kolhapur (I wasn’t lying). I told them that its gonna be my last call for the night and that I will call them once I reach Goa. We asked Mukul as to what was so special in Karad since he was hell-bent on staying at Karad. He pre-decides on a thought which sometimes has zero sense. I remember Mukul saying – “We will stay at Karad and then in the cold morning ride on the highway”. Having said that I must say he is not stubborn like (I don’t even need to mention his name) and is always open for other options.

We played with my torch that has a LED, which when switched on shows the time from the red light emitting from it. Anmol kept on repeating his tape of a deluxe hotel in Gadhinglaj for just 300/-. Avadhut, as flexible as always, was open to any dynamic plan.




  1. Atleast 3 days in a row ya, atleast 3 days.

    But felt so nice reading it, like a time machine.

  2. hmmm…. so far sounds like a ‘sober kind’ of each one of you took dat trip… donno Avadhut so doesn apply to him 🙂
    …stil waitin for more bout the ‘real yous’!!!

  3. How many more parts are coming up? 🙂

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