Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | September 13, 2007

My Office Gang

Today my office gang was at my place for dinner. I took the opportunity and requested mom to prepare Basundi. It was so delicious. ymmm!!

(From L to R) – Amit, Chandni, Shuchita, Sonika, Ankita, Radhika

We also had a brief photo session ,the primarily reason being Sonika was getting senti since she has already put down the papers. We then watched our Goa snaps( the next post, I promise, will be on our trip)

Chandni, Amit and Ankita are in my team and we share an excellent working (as well as personal) relationship. They have been with me in my toughest times and were a tremendous emotional support in the most hectic days of our project. Radhika (my ex-team mate) still helps me in coding. Shuchita is my table-tennis partner and is just as passionate when it comes to food as I am; and Sonika is the only 3 year work-ex person in our group. The best part about her is she doesn’t have the I-am-senior-so-respect-me attitude and is extremely down to earth (and also very beautiful 🙂 )

Since childhood in all my groups the gender ratio used to be like 4:1 (obviously the larger number being the guys). But its just the opposite here. Everyday I have lunch with 5 girls and 1 guy (he is also missing most of the times).

Now I can claim that I can understand a girl’s psyche and I have started to understand even their inherent complex neural network.

Coming back to the dinner. The menu was “Phulourie” rice which is prepared only in Karnataka, Chapatis and Tawa Sabji, Surlichi Vadi (outsourced to Chitale), Koshimbir, Pickles and Chutneys. Kalyani was also present for the dinner and helped my mom and dad.

In my room (mom had just cleaned it.. THANK GOD!!)

It was a nice and memorable dinner.. umm still the taste of Basundi is lingering in my tongue.



  1. When i looked at the snaps, ur room just did not seem like ur room.
    There was something different,very different about it.. OH MY GOD…… IT WAS CLEAN HAH 😮

  2. You will die of dairy one day.

    And the next time I am in Pune and visit Bakul, you better be wearing formal clothes, like the ones you wore in this pic; not a black singlet. Grr..

    “Kiti mhanje kiti savatra vagaycha konitari na mhanje…”

  3. Everyone is getting something…
    konala BURJI tar konala Suralichya wadya..
    When m i going to get my NANKHATAI????
    ani Goa madhun kay aanlay???

    mala kahitari pahije..mala pan savatra kelay.

  4. kelay? Arrey Leonadro Di Caprio, apan tar nehemich savatra hoto. Sarbat magayla lagaycha, pani tar kadhich milala nahin, ani zhopaycha asel tar gadi varti, cot varti nahin.

  5. nice to know that the relationships are defined 😉

  6. hey thot i wud read u goin GA GA over goa… its unlike of U to delay It! anyways… but office… hmm good to knw u enjoy office 😉

  7. “Now I can claim that I can understand a girl’s psyche and I have started to understand even their inherent complex neural network.”

    You wish.

  8. @Charl:
    I now understand that when a girl looks at another girl and blows lightly on her nails before a party it means she wants a nail paint to be applied on it.
    I know what are puff sleeve tops (which are similar to cape sleeve 😉 ), roman sandals and more of such fashion terminologies.
    Just a week back I got to know that earrings are also called as “tops” when one of my friend said “Look I am wearing at the tops that u got for me from GOA!!”.

  9. […] café. I was desperate to watch the snaps. I made a small presentation of the snaps and sent it to My Office Gang. We copied the snaps on Mukul’s pen drive (Thank God! He got it) and did a bit of orkutting. […]

  10. I dont know if you have understood the phsyche of girls … but you have mastered the art of irritating all of us 😉 … and i wonder why we bear it !
    small correction : “Phulorie rice” (also called Puliyodarai in tamilnadu and its prepared all over south india not just karnataka ) was 2 good … basundi was also yummy !

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