Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | August 30, 2007

Here we come…GOA

Just 18 more hours



  1. This is last trip on bikes..
    ya pudhe konache hi laad nakoyet.

  2. me damn J !!!


  3. Hey Guys….
    Drive carefully !!!

  4. @manmit: The ride was so good that we are already planning the next trip on bikes! And this time, there has been no “lad” situation!

  5. PPT bagun jallo. khup tras zala..mazhya sathi kahitari gheun ya.

  6. From what I heard, “drive carefully” didn’t hold. They did, like, 80 on a foggy ghat! And 110 otherwise. I nearly died when I heard. It’s a miracle they made it alive.


    BTW, Kiran…I thought you were back to blogging. Where is your effing post?! Chal, give us some Goa gossip (anything but the bike and restuarant stories—I’ve heard all that about 5 times now).

  7. Already started writing abt our GOA TRIP. will upload all at once

  8. I hp its nt ur most memorable trip again.

  9. hey wen r we gonna get enlightened wid ur goa blah blah!

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