Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | July 27, 2007

My Santa arrived last Sunday

He arrived and he kept his promise. He got me a tent which can accommodate 2 adults (although I had asked for one more), a cozy sleeping bag with a pillow (which can be folded in a 10” X 10” bag), lots of chocolates, 2 pairs of shoes, insect repellant body liquid a T-Shirt (XL by US Standards and still I could fit in it 😉 ). He had also ordered for a MP3 player online but it didn’t ship in time 😦 , but its OK. For the time-being my loyal partner Creative MuVO 512 MB will do. He also got me about 10 AAA batteries.

Sunday morning was indeed very special for me. I got up at 6am and had the rare opportunity to have a glimpse of the morning rays after like months. Santa didn’t show any signs of Jet lag. He was more worried on the dirt and dust in our unlike me!! All of us had breakfast together, then I watched Jungle Book on FILMY channel for 4 hours (10am – 2pm). Was lucky enough to watch the episode of Sher Khan’s encounter with Mowgli and Mowgli’s dilemma thereafter on his ancestry. Occasionally I changed the channel to watch a documentary on Discovery channel titled “Maneaters of Sunderbans” and another one on Nat Geo on the eco-system of a lake somewhere in Africa which almost dries up for about 2 months every year.

After lunch I watched 2 episodes of Malgudi Days on my comp. I would like to thank Bambya for this. I love the simplicity of this serial. Then watched “Remember the Titans” for the second time. I like a particular part in the movie the part when the coach is motivating his team. He says –
“Nothing..come between us
Nothing..tears us apart
Greek mythology says -Titans were greater than the Gods,
They ruled the universe with absolute power.
The football field, out their tonight is our universe
Lets rule it like Titans”.

In the evening went to Tekdi with Manmit where Seema and Rasika made a guest appearance. The weather was awesome. After spending some quality time on Tekdi we returned back post-sunset. Then I went with my MCA-Gang to Frangipani – a newly opened restaurant on SB Road. The food was just above average. But we discussed on the most senseless topics which I simply love to.

I returned back late at night and slept after eating another “US” chocolate. Sometimes I feel our desi Perk or even Dairy Milk tastes better, but just the fact that it is “MADE IN USA” leaves a better taste.

Yesterday I spent one of the most memorable day of my life…and all thanks to Santa. He wanted to have a taste of the Indian version of McD. So I parceled Paneer Salsa, a Veg Wrap, McVeggie and McAloo Tikki while returning back from work. Although it was Ashadi-Ekadashi (and I follow it very honestly and sincerely), I decided to break my fast just to give company to my Santa. Anmol and Mukul were also for dinner as Santa had to discuss and take advice from Anmol regarding the investment in real estate (Oh!! I must appreciate, Anmol didn’t break his fast).

Santa, then opened a bottle of Baileys Caramel Irish Cream which he got from LA. All of us (Mukul, Anmol ,myself, Santa and surprisingly my sweet sis Kalli) had a peg each. Mom was having her dinner in the kitchen and dad was taking care of the washing machine, unaware of the fact that we are having liquor in the hall in transparent glasses.

Then I accompanied Anmol in his car till Mukul’s colony. Expectedly Mukul did his Dadagiri and shouted on me for my loud voice. For a change we had a very serious discussion as I had something to confess and ask advice for and then we discussed on….umm…cant discuss here on my blog..SORRY!!

I am hating each passing day as my Santa will be for merely 2 weeks.
But this year my Santa Santais looking a bit different. More like a matrimonial horse. PhetaI hope my elder Bro finds a suitable match soon.



  1. hey… sunday la kiti lolalaas…. height of ‘loluuu sunday’ seriously!!! as far as the Santa’s reference is concerned… huh… everyone kindda has a santa for themselves, they make u feel really pampered… n for the ones who don’t have… too bad!!!

  2. Ya..a very “lolu lolu” sunday. got up at 10 (phone rang)..but like a stubborn kid didnt open my eyes(although i had woken up) …and then succeeded ….parat ekda zopi zopi lagli, and then got up at 2pm 🙂

  3. I did not make a guest was 1 1/2 hour long…… Neways seems like u are having great time with SANTA 🙂

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