Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | June 16, 2007

HSC and the Dead Crow – Part 2

First of all I am really sorry for posting this after such a big gap. The primarily reason is WordPress is banned in my company and the second is I was working almost 16-18 hours daily.

Dead Crow

Please read Part-1 first.

The remaining HSC papers went by smoothly (in a very relative sense). Almost every single day of my vacation I used to think of my P1 results. Finally it was the result day. We decided to play cricket for the last time on Pandya’s ground as we all were sure that even meeting each other from the next day would be impossible; impossible for we would be shameful of our marks and would not be able to face the wrath of this cruel society.

We opened the gates of the ground and as Pandya walked towards the pitch he yelled that a DEAD CROW was lying in the middle of the pitch. Varry shouted that it is a bad omen which means that our results will be screwed big time. After about 10 minutes we were able to move the evil corpse using sticks in one corner of the ground.

I went home and tried my best to show off as if I am super cool regarding the results, but fooling parents is not that easy. My grandmom politely ordered me to return back to our home immediately after the results. I understood their expectations.

Standing in the long queue in Fergusson College was my longest and the most painful wait till date. Rumors like these are the worst HSC overall result in the last decade worsened my state of mind. My trembling fingers collected the mark sheet and my eyes first went directly on Phy marks. 74/100.

IMPOSSIBLE!!! I realized the entire system is fraudulent. I had barely attempted for 70 marks. Then how could it happen? God– He exists. I was sure. Although my parents were extremely disappointed, I was grinning, but couldn’t express it. Someone said that your bro scored 97% in PCM and you have scored its exact reverse. I stopped grinning.

Just then Bapnya called me and informed that “V” and “A” have scored below 60% and have gone MISSING!!! The last news heard about them was that they have headed towards Chandni Chowk on V’s bike.

..On a hillock near Chandni Chowk.

V: Now what to do, yaar.
A: Lets commit suicide. Lets jump from here.
< about 15 minutes later >
V: Lets go back.
A: OK.

Both reached back safely. All of us met again at Hotel Vaishali. We cursed the DEAD CROW and blamed our failures on him.(no it must be a “her”). Now this was the height of being shameless. To add a cherry on top our group celebrated my success since I was the topper of the group. I felt proud of my achievement.

But whatever happens; happens for good. I enjoyed the longest vacation of my life as, like every year, the engineering admissions got stuck up due to some stupid judgment by our Honorable High Court. I got admitted in the Modern College, Ganeshkhind just before the Diwali vacations. In this college I met the greatest friends one can ask for- Hal, SeemaSuman and Bambya.

PS: The last sentence is written only because all the mentioned names read my blog 🙂



  1. Yes, we are well aware of your ulterior motives and your need to please others—especially me. You fool of a took!

  2. No, I agree about the “her” bit. It’s quite plausible. My friends computer keeps hanging on her in the middle of editing documents…a bloody scary thing. We’re all positive her comp’s a “she” cos it’s a total bitch.

    Oh, by the way…looking foward to seeing all of you in the weekend.

  3. hey grt story yaar… gives u gitters bout the HSC results… And the Dead crow is so true… Mus hav had been a ‘her’ Super Bitch!!!
    I remember my results at Wadias… I happily saw nothing’s below 35 on my marksheet n I turned arnd with a smile as if I had topped the univ.!!! I was never made for the Science stream anyways… n Prachi ma frien ( u’ve met her, we dined at bamboo house) scored great numbers n she was cryin donno knw 4 wha… n she threw up! A guy started cryin coz he scored 97 n PCM and not 98… Bloody B@##@$#@$@$#@ of the 1st order!

  4. Yes the dead crow was to blame…I know kiran always works do hard 😀
    And thanks a ton for mentioning our names in the end … i dont care for the reson behind ur motives….
    And BTW did u wash that white shirt u stained(Very mildly expressed) up the other day???

  5. Seema, my blog is not a place to discuss my white shirt!!
    and talking of ur comment on Part-1 i still remember that before our TYBCs univ exams once u cried for hours just bcos someone had told that the papers r purposely set tough since ours is the last batch of that stupid syllabus. then once u were crying just for the sake of crying befor the exams
    Now i know why i missed the distinction 😉

  6. Hey Kiran,
    enjoyed reading man!
    reminded me of my 12th exams.
    i had a similar experience with my Math paper. came out of the exam hall crying n as usual i had not completed my paper (never managed to complete my papers until my undergrad. oh wait a min, i did manage to complete my Sc II paper in std X a good 1/2 an hr before and kept wondering if i had missed out any Qn).
    anyways, my math paper was a terror for me. while i cried to my mom if i would pass, she said the worst to happen is i wud fail n reappear in oct. n i burst out crying more with the idea of failing n rewritting. god! thats one exam moment i will never forget! 😮

  7. So what if u missed u r distinction…. u atleast got a friend like me ..and BTW ppl ,kiran has got an award this week .”Pat on the Back” award…U did not get distinctions na that is y u r getting these awards …believe me 😀

  8. U racist..mazha nav last lihilays.
    And seema thr is nothing much abt the “Pat on the back” award. Its like giving crying baby a lollypop.

  9. Ha ha! Manmit, racist? (!) What race is that you belong to. The last time we checked you were both a duck and heron simultaneously.

    I remember Seema crying!!! She turned up the next day to college and smilingly regaled us of stories regarding how she had cried the last night. On being asked “ka radlis,” the reply received was “asach!” Now, how can you question that people.

    Kiran’s parents on the other hand need a special mention here, especially Kaka. To keep Dukkar baba well hydrated during the scorching months of may in addition to well-fed, Kaka would bring a snack for the village idiot everyday. He would sit on the terrace, as if exams were over, and consume all things edible in sight without opening the textbook. At exactly 11 pm, then, Kiran would start making timetables of how he would study through the night. Ladies and gents, isn’t he amazing?

  10. Avadhut: Well i said “Asaach” cause i did not want to repeat the entire incident that happened on M-2 paper….And yes now i feel it was really very funny that i cried the whole night 😀
    Manmit: Who is bother about what n who is bothered about what..u are bothered that he wrote ur name last.. U should be more bothered that he wrote avadhut’s name first 😀

  11. U r a racist..Avadhut bread wala mhanun to first ani me bhakri wala mhanun last kay..Anmol la discount milto te bas aahe. Thks seema for bringing this point 🙂

    Avadhut: I m still better than u..tu gavthi KUTRA aahes :))

  12. hopeless hai tu ! hamesha se ! lolz … loved both the parts … i thought i will simply go through all your old posts with out commenting on it … but this one made me to write a comment !!!

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