Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | June 7, 2007

HSC and the Dead Crow – Part 1

Today the HSC results will be declared and will decide the fate of lakhs of youngsters in Maharashtra. I hate our education system in which just one exam almost decides your destiny.

The 3 words H-S-C still bring back the emotional trauma which I suffered.

Period: Mid-April, I guess.
Paper: Physics-1 or P1.

3 months for all the mock test series I used to sit besides Bevdya or Lokesh and copy their paper and somehow clear it. But on the nightmarish day, no angel was present. God must be enjoying my helplessness. I read the dreaded Problems on gravity and experienced a zero gravity state. Every inch of my skin was sweating. My greatest fear was turning out to be true.

3 hours later I was out of the examination hall. I had just survived the poisonous fumes in the Holocaust chamber. I knew I have managed to clear the paper…that’s it!!

My dad had arrived before time, as usual, to collect me. I was sitting behind our Kinetic with just one thought in my mind. WHAT IF I FAIL. Worst.. WHAT IF I SCORE JUST ABOVE 40%. The very thought of extreme humiliation was unbearable. My engineering dreams had crashed in less than 3 hours.

I reached home and the moment I entered our home my mom asked me how I fared in the paper? I couldn’t lie. I had to tell the truth. I was about to tell her, but was unable to utter a single word. Tears dropped on my toes proving the existence of gravity. I couldn’t face my mom. I rushed to the bedroom and locked myself. Holding a pillow on my face I started crying like a kid. I was hiding from myself, my own identity. I had shattered the dreams of my parents. My mom was extremely worried and banged the door and forced me to open it. My dad consoled me and said BCOM is also a very lucrative career option. (With all due respect to BCOM students). That’s the last time in my life that I really cried. I could feel the pain in the eyes of my parents.

My dad was now more worried about my next paper, Physics2 which I had almost forgotten. Till 5:30pm I had not touched P2 books.

Then suddenly something struck me, like my sixth sense telling me everything will be fine! I forced myself to forget the incident and start studying for my next paper.


Well ,where is the DEAD CROW.. sorry guys..feeling too sleepy, its already 4am. Time to sleep. Tomorrow I will update the 2nd part ,by that time the HSC results will be out…



  1. Yeah, my kid brother’s results. It’s commerce, which you’re so derisive about.

    I didnt see him study ONCE the whole year, and he’s pretty chilled now also! Everytime he remembers the results are going to be out, he announces it to all in the room with a grin on his face, like it’s Christmastime or something.

    He’s a weirdo, if i know one.

    I’m a bit nervous for him. This is not about hoping for a distinction or first class or whatever, I earnestly hope he ONLY clears. Too humiliating to have a bro who hasn’t passed HSC.

  2. God ya kiran..reading this blog actually took me back to SYBCS M-2 paper when the mode of my calc got changed from degree to radian.. God ya such a diaster…I managed to clear the paper but that night was horrible..And i also remember how u consoled me the whole night to continue studing for the next paper…I have always cherished our frienship for all these crutial painful moments u all have shared with me.
    Thanks buddy…..

  3. Hey jus the below mentioned 12th Science scorecard Math marks says it all (don’t much remember the number but equivalent to-)


    Imagine what must have happened to me b4 the paper, while attempting the paper and after the paper… I smartly opted for Arts thereafter!

    Did anyone say 12th std results? I don’t want to be reminded of the trauma, the torture…

  4. somehow i loved physics..98/100 😀

    well-written…almost felt the jeepers-creepers meself, matey!

  5. Pink imp: Stop showing off in a world of the non-academically inclined.

    Kiran: You going to come out with Part II on this post or what?

  6. Charl: (looks forlorn) ok marm.

    Kiran: Where the hecks part II??

  7. ya… where is Part II dude?!?!?

  8. sorry for the delay.. it wont be repeated.

    PINK IMP –> next time u write something which i really hate then I am gonna delete ur comment.
    97/100 .. i mean how cud u?? sounds too alien for me.

    Sneha–> 37/100. Why did u continue studyin 😉

    Charlotte–> I think u will be offended by a particular sentence in part 2 where I have referred to the dead crow as “Her”. if u indeed are then sorry again, but this time i dont mean it.

  9. sniff, ok kiran.

    I solemnly swear never to talk academics on thy blog again, honest!!!

  10. its piggie’s budday soon..wonder what wld make him happy..i will give the pest a call..lets hope he doesnt choose that time and day to go all silent and hermit-like.

  11. tuff question…dont think much on the likes/dislikes of Piggy!.
    BTW had a wonderful weekend -was in mumbai and xperienced Mumbai rains…
    and Piggy gifted me comics 🙂 🙂

  12. hey i called piggie yesterday night. he said since it was his birthday he had a head bath ONLY. that’s beyond the scope of my imagination…”only head bath”… as for new clothes, none. he wore shorts. apparenty he says, his name–Hal–is pronounced in a sophisticated way like Hal in shallow hal. whereas, i tght “HULL” sounds more like piggie. looks like piggie gave u ur budday present in advance kiran :p so did u like mumbai??

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