Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | June 3, 2007

Wish….almost granted!!!

I have always thought that my mom wished for a daughter, until God foiled her plans. My parents were blessed with another son on 4th Aug ’82. I think every woman wishes for a daughter, especially if there is a Big Bro for the to-be-delivered baby.

As a disobedient and mischievous kid who never helped his mom in the daily chores I have heard the words “Yechya peksha ek mulgi zali asti tar kiti bara zala asta” on at least a dozen occasions. Comparisons with my sweet cousin, Kalyani, were an everyday affair.

Shopping is another domain where I think my mom misses a daughter. And shopping for daughter’s marriage is a grand event in every woman’s life.


A few weeks before my friend, Shraddha, got engaged and will be married in October. She called me and requested if my mom could assist her for the wedding shopping as she doesn’t have any relatives in Pune and needed elderly advice.

So today my mom along with my dad (who also must have wished for a daughter) went to Laxmi Road with Shraddha for her wedding shopping. They shopped for “Paithani Saree”, “Nath”, “Pothya”, jewelry and some similar extra-terrestrial stuff.

I am sure at this moment (its 1 am) my mom must be thinking of what she has missed all these years. I am hating this realization.



  1. Kiran u are such a darling so to have..M sure ur mom does not regret having u [:)] To help her out u could help her out at house work once in a while or spend some time gossiping with her [:)]

  2. damn cute…

  3. Do not take Seema’s advice Kiran! Please do not help your Mum with any housework.

    Seema, how could you do this to Kiran’s Mum? If Kiran takes up cleaning the house, there would’nt be much of a house left—the TV, glass objects, telephones, all would be in a mortal danger of jumping to the ground to a most horrific death!

    Even today, when Kiran goes inside his kitchen, his Mum follows him there and asks, “Tell me what you want? I will give it to you!”


    I know he is going to kill me for this.

  4. lol piggie. that was funny. my mum says the same thing to my small sister who’s a tad clumsy too !

  5. Ha ha!

    K is not tad clumsy.

    Can you imagine how good Richard Branson must be at business? Well that’s exactly how good Kiran is at dropping things, slightly better even ;-).

  6. I hate u avadhut…
    ur deeds r so embarassing..i just cant mention on my CLEAN Blog.

  7. Ha ha!

    Your silence is appreciated my friend.

  8. yup i almost forgot how Dhappad kiran is 🙂
    And with his big dheri..he would hardly be able to see all those tiny objects around the house:)
    And yes atleast Kiran’s BLOG is clean 😀

    Sorry Kiran but i have to support avadhut in this matter 🙂

  9. Hey Kiran, why don’t you tell ya frienz the little story abt u me n anmol out for dinner …. n who spilled curry all over… also water AND rice…

  10. sneha- thats the difference between me and my friends. 😉

    Now that u have given a hint and before this cruel world assumes that i was the one let me shout out loud that Anmol spilled water & rice at least thrice…

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