Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | June 2, 2007


Wordpress Blocked  (Click the snap)

for not blogging these days…

WordPress blocked in Satyam. I hate my company.
I just hate it.
Please suggest me different ways of revolting..
From tomorrow I am gonna start with GANDHIGIRI. I will be sending one mail daily to the Network Admin.
Please suggest me a few more…



  1. P.S: As an afterthought friend, that taskbar looks painful!
    Reminds me of Anmol’s comp.

  2. As an afterthought..ur observation reminds me of Narkya looking at a SILENCER… 🙂

  3. Idiot!

    Comment moderation is on for all comments containing hyperlinks! Check your mailbox and approve the damn things.

  4. Poor you! Orkut has been blocked over here, and we’re all completely stricken with grief.

    If they blocked wordpress, it’ll be armageddon. I typically protest by blogging during work hours in full view of certain important people in the organization. Though it isn’t too good on my ego since these guys used to be orkutters themselves.

    So I’m the worst one to give you suggestions. 😐

  5. No clue Kiran… me already done with use of al sortsa proxys to make orkut work… if WordPress is restrictd… F*#K !!! I might think of not stickin arnd at EXL 😉

    P.S.: I kept wondering why haven u commented on ma blog… thot- am I so pathetic at writin dat u haven visited ma blog n not commented on ma poetry 😦
    Thanks for the enlightment…

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