Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | May 17, 2007

Who the hell??

My WordPress dashboard (i.e the Admin console) gives details of visitors who browsed my blog giving the different search engine terms. The digit(1 in all cases) is the number of unique visitors with the search engine terms.

Today’s search engine terms are–>

Search Engine Terms
These are terms people used to find your blog.

Search Views
Avadhut Phatarpekar 1
Jab Jab Teri Surat Dekhu (Jaanbaaz)? 1
marathi prem kavita 1
kiran vaidya chennai 1
blemish illusion layouts codes 1
marathi friends kavita 1
satyam corcc 1

Someone with the search string “Avadhut Phatarpekar ” landed on my blog. It is such an uncommon name that I am sure he (cant be a “she”,just cant be ) was searching for none other than our “Phatrya” or “Bittu” . someone also searched for “kiran vaidya” but it was followed by the word “chennai” it wasnt for me either.

Still wondering..who the hell is giving this unneeded importance to Hal.

PS: I have concluded if my Boss can get a Pat On the Back award of our company then there can exist 2 guys with this “unreasonable” name and the guy was searching for the other “Avadhut Phatarpekar “.



  1. LoL! You wish you ass. It was me. Who else if not me?

    P.S: Charlotte’s blog got 2 hits from someone searching for my “full name” again. Incidentally, my blog got 7 hits for the same search string.


    Hang in there dude, your 15 minutes of frame will come soon too. Just do what I am doing and pretend you worship me. For additional help, Amazon is selling copies of the new U.S bestseller—”How to be like Hal? The life and times of a new-age hero.” My advice: buy it now; it’s only $599.99. 🙂

  2. I’M TELLING YOU, Kiran!

    Not 5 mins ago, I’ve told Avadhut the exact same thing about who’d want to look for him! WTF.

    Search Engine Terms
    These are terms people used to find your blog.


    Search Views
    Avadhut Phatarpekar 2
    totally vanished animals with their pict 2
    frayednerveendings.wordpress. com 2
    “still we cherish the city the morning” 1

  3. My blog is a topic in one of the orkut communities
    Click here

    It is also being discussed here

    Also my search history says

    Search Views
    the lessons i learnt from my project 1
    marathi kavita jeevan 1
    kiran vaidya 1


    Hal, the Score is 3-1 .


    So what were u saying abt
    —”How to be like Hal? The life and times of a new-age hero.”

    Read it again it must be

    —”How to be like Hal? The life and times of a self confessed, imaginary hero.”

  4. Quality and not quantity, my friend, is the determiner.

  5. (not related to the post, but…)

    Thanks for doing me the blogroll honor. The “biggest” mouth indeed, lol!

    Incidentally, “My big mouth” is a song by Oasis, one of my favorite rock bands. I chose it as a tribute to them, but the Avadhut and our friend Jerry prefer to take it as a big mouth being one of my traits, which is untrue. They also forced the name frayednerveendings on me, which is also untrue! I’m not a bunch of nerves!

    Ok that’s enough for the history lesson.

    I trust you boys had a lot of fun in the weekend (something you might want to blog about–“An ode to Konkan-II”).

  6. u seem 2 b damn busy buddy… no news 4m u… I wrote somethin… wanted ur comments Mr. Writer…

  7. ___________________
    kiran vaidya chennai 1

    Kya combination hai.. some1 else , other than me , noes dis combination TOO???

  8. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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