Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | May 10, 2007


Note: An imaginary story

Hari was born and brought up in Mumbai in a typical middle class family. He had joined Infosys as a fresher since 1 month. He cleared his GRE and TOEFEL and got admission into one of the most premier US Universities. The only hindrance was the 1 lakh Rs. bond. He kept on convincing his highly principled dad that there are many who have left the company without paying the bond amount.

However his ex-IIT Powai Prof. Dad refused and termed it as “Unethical”. Hari was feeling extremely guilty about the fact that his dad had to pay 1 lakh to his company.
One evening Hari tells his father he will repay the amount within a year from the financial aid he has received for his MS but asks his dad about the source of 1 lakh Rupees since he is aware about their financial status. His dad simply replies: “Don’t worry. Your company will help me pay the amount”.

Hari was puzzled and confused. The next day Hari’s dad sells 40 shares of Infosys. Now his dad’s portfolio has just 60 shares of Infosys which was their only investment till date.



  1. Nice story.. Must be happening!!!

  2. good write up…I remember bonds wer jus a formality back at wiproBPO when i joined daz 2004… until 2005 SBI n Wipro got into an agreement n people were royally f**ked!!!

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