Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | April 11, 2007


Generally all mails in my official Email ID from Havas Kumar [one of my colleague..(Havas=Lust)] have this subject and I delete without opening them fearing the Sys. Admin might trace it. My workstation is the cornermost one and hence he forwards all CAREFUL mails to view on my monitor. Today I got one more mail, but with the subject “Be extra carefulllllllll : HSBC…. taken from a mobile cam….” . I couldnt resist the temptation and once I was sure that no one is watching me quickly opened the attachment just to see this…. LOL for abt 15 mins

Official Sex


PS: I am really not finding time to write hence bear with such forwards for the timebeing.



  1. Actually the temptation was all bcos of the filename “sex in the office(1).jpg” and the subject had the substring HSBC. now 2 of my frnds work in HSBC.. thought.. shud be updated on the latest IT gossip..until…

  2. Cannot stop laughing :)))))))))))))))))

  3. sneha says… hee haa haaaa ha ha , gud one dude!!!

  4. Tu ani mi

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