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finally{intoProject(long wait);}

This is my most popular post in our Company’s blog and so felt like sharing it here as I hadn’t posted anything in more than a week . It has many technical (Java) words (including the title) but still I am sure even a non IT person will enjoy reading it. I have used some abbrevations and jargons which only can be understood by employees of my organization. Still if you have nothing else to do just read on. I had posted in Feb first week after my project allocation. 

Note: All trainees in our organization are called as ELTPs and the Training prog. is called as ELTP. The words in BOLD are actually Java words but having their literal English meaning. 

A self explanatory technical name for this post. Its about my journey so far in Satyam. 

ELTP Days:3 months of training is the most memorable period for any fresher joining Satyam and I am no exception. My training was in Mainframes. @SLC it was more a beautiful combination of fun and learning. We used to goto the washrooms to talk on our mobiles (since mobiles are supposed to be switched off), believed in only in last-2 hrs study for the assessments, sometimes going without a shave (again shaving is compulsory), staying in Paigah Colony where every ELTPs life is more public than private, celebrating Birthdays in a grand manner and wearing non-ELTP-accepted-formals once in a week but at the same time completing the last week mini project very seriously and religiously. 

The most memorable event ,for me, was Cultural Evening. I played Munnabhai in a play titled “Munnabhai Mainframed”. It was a very humorous, sarcastic play scripted by 6-8 of us and directed by a very talented ELTP (I still wonder why he is a Software Engineer….a career in Drama & Arts suits him better). It was the story of Munnabhai joining a Software firm (with obvious references to Satyam and the ELTP Prog) as a trainee and how his life improves while completing the training. The script went something like this-Munna’s entire life has become one COBOL program with dialogues like “Agar Seminar samajh main nahin aayela hain to Seminar ke baad feedback dena jaruri hain kya” Audience burst into laughing because only an ELTP can understand the pain of giving 2 seminar feedbacks daily. In Munna’s marriage he says “Shaadi COBOL hain ,COBOL hain ,COBOL hain” instead of  Shaadi kabul hain ,kabul hain,
kabul hain
”. I panicked when I saw our mentor (a very senior person with a sarcastic smile which said “Tuzhe to main baad main dekhunga bete”) standing in the audience when I delivered the dialogue “COBOL ka brain main chemical locha ho gayela hain” and was terrified during the song “COBOL ka safar hain yeh kaisa safar…”.
But things went smoothly and 3 months of ELTP training went in a flash.I think ELTP Training is an excellent interface between college and corporate life. 

Benchmarked @


Ours was supposed to be a very rare case and the luckiest Mainframe batch since we were allocated on Cigna Project (Its Cigna or Signa we still don’t know) and had no bench period. But post-ELTP we were told to report at

Towers. The first day we were standing outside Harsha Bldg (literally on the tar road at 30+ degree Celcius since no one @ Harsha knew that our batch is joining). I felt very humiliated since I was a Satyamite for 3 months and still I was not let in. But whatever happens, happens for the good. It meant one week official leave. Next hour I was standing at Paradise Hotel booking my Volvo ticket for Pune. Soon we realized that project allocation was just another rumor which meant preparation for Project Interviews. 

However Bench was a relatively transient phase (only 1 month) for most of us. We still had the Munnabhai-hangover as clearing the interviews was a la Munnabhai-style. Whenever a batch mate used to get a call on his/her mobile for project interview he/she would switch on the Loudspeaker, go in the sound-proof-specially-designed cabin where all reference books were kept on the desk and only the few knowledged ELTPs were allowed in the cabin and helped them clear the interview or search for the answer in the book which the interviewee would just read out to the interviewer.Moral of the story: Unity is strength.But believe me I cleared the interview on my own (not lying at all) and was allocated on a Java Project in Pune. 

First taste of Corporate Life:I realized that competition is everywhere…even table tennis has some unwritten rules like “Winners to stay” and I hated it.Initially the switch from Mainframes to Java was a bit tough. But Java being a subject in my MCA really helped. 

I perceived Mainframes as the girl my dad would love as his daughter in law- traditional, orthodox with strong beliefs and values which can be trusted and I perceived Java as my trendy, modern girlfriend which my dad will disapprove. I was in a dilemma, but like a spoilt brat chose my dynamic, independent girl friend with beautiful look and feel as compared to my dads choice of the one-job-at-a-time with most the basic UI girl. 

I thought my life is finally free of all assessments, tests etc. But a hostile and tough client means every resource needs to prove he/she is the best. ELTPs can only be judged by online tests. If I fail the tests then I had to go back to CoRCC and most probably to some Mainframe project. The very thought was inconceivable. Imagine going back to the same girl friend that you have ditched. There is always this guilty feeling slowly killing you from inside. 

Till yesterday:A series of online test & re-tests followed on Java Basics, Struts, Advanced Java ,Finance Domain and a final comprehensive test followed by a final re-comprehensive test which I eventually cleared. Total duration in Satyam once in Pune: 2 months.Ultimately yesterday we got the list of the selected associates and my name figured in it. A genuine J on my face. I had vowed not to cut my nails unless I am allocated on some project. I was happy that if not the Limca book of records my name will surely figure in Satyam book of records for the longest nails. 

My first project meeting:Honestly I was observing the body language of my colleagues, sorry associates. Just then I observed that 2 girls had their nails double the length of mine. Disappointment!!! I consoled myself and declared that I have the longest nails in Satyam in the “guys” category. 

Just before the meeting I was told that I have to give my workstation to the newly arrived Testing Team. I was very unhappy and felt dejected. In the short 2 months I was too emotionally attached to my flat-screen workstation (for the first time I was working on a flat-screen monitor) which had taught me Java. It was the same workstation from which I used to chat with my ELTP batch(whom I miss a lot) frustrated in Chennai, checked more than 2 dozen forward mails daily and read Calvin & Hobbes in the lazy afternoons.  I was like “Kal tak mere paas workstation tha, khursi thi par project nahin tha…aur aaj….aaj mere paas project hain par workstation aurkhursi nahi hain”. 

In the meeting the RM asked for any issues and the obvious response from our side was dearth of workstations.I viewed the meeting something like this.RM: “Kitne associates hain”.Ans: “13 sarkar!!”.RM: “Kitne workstations free hain”.Ans: “6 sarkar!!”.RM: “Associates 6..workstations 13…Bahut naa insaafi”.<<Silence>>RM: (with an authoritative voice) “The issue will be resolved by this weekend. For any further issues revert back to me.”RM: (with an authoritative voice) “The issue will be resolved by this weekend. For any further issues revert back to me.” 

Post-meeting:Today we played musical chair. It was fun. It goes something like this. If any associate gets up from his chair (an idiot) immediately the standing associate captures it and the idiot has to sit on the desk or wait for some other idiot to make the same mistake. Hopefully I will stop playing these stupid games and start working on Project from the next week…common now it will take some time for the transition from the do-nothing  Phase to the work-on-Projects phase. 


PS: I still don’t know whether the words in bold and italics are Java keywords or Java reserved words?? 



  1. gr8 blog buddy… i reallly had a gr8 tym readin n i shared it with my friends… do post many more of such kinds… hope u njy ur project wit ur long lost girlfriend…

  2. gr8 frd. this article was mindbloing for a fresher,who is still not aware what is going to happen with him in satym.

  3. it was really good.this article really helps freshers.u r experience in satyam is good.

  4. chalo yaar..
    thankfull to ya 4 givin us a forehand exp abt satyam life..

  5. Thanks a lot ,friends..

  6. hii………
    Nice to read this………….
    fully entertaining & knowledgable too for a fresher lik me…………
    keep Rocking dude……….
    add some more lik this……………..

  7. One of my post on a frustrating phase which all of u will go thru..

  8. Sir
    I am Manoj Singh B-Tech in I.T Field and passed out in Aug 2006 and just want to shift in IT Company. Can you help me.
    details give about you.

  9. hi dude…..hmm… that was really a fantastic one… d way i stil hav some more queries so can u be in touch wid me so that u could help me out…my joinin date is on jul 16th yaar…so hope v do stay in touch……buh bye!!!!! just add me in ur orkut account n scrap me da….. this is my orkut home page link

  10. GOTO is Outdated and nowadays programmers are not using this….. U will find the same in any good DS book…. Because of its disadvantages GOTO statement is excluded in Java and java doesn’t support GOTO….


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  13. hi everybody i need some projects on mainframes and the explination of that anybody help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    my id is

  14. bhai ko tera article bahut pasand aaya

  15. thanks

  16. thanks ,for sharing such a precious moments with us.

  17. 🙂
    mainframe is also the trendy girl in traditional clothes brother…… 😉
    u need to befriend her to know her better happens…that was the same thought i had before joining mainframes, but my thinking has changed in these 4.5yrs of Satyam life in the same technology

    Masti me raho…keep in touch

  18. Kiran,

    Kiran here too.

    Just mooning around the webspace searching for blogs with name Kiran and stumbled on yours.Man this post is simply awesome.100 out of 100 to this post.

    Btw even I waste time,if you have time then you too can waste it by checking

    Have a nice day,

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  20. Pata nahi hum 2008 batch walon ki joining kab ayegi…… ayegi bhi ya nahi… dnt knw what is in our luck….. GOD SAVE US PLZ.. I KNOW I HV SINNED…4GIVE ME!

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