Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | March 19, 2007

Black Beauty

I am an addict. Addict to Blogging, writing poems or rather scripting anything that comes to my mind. I blog a lot on our company’s Intranet Blog site also. My Blog is one of the top 30 active blogs in a company of 40,000 employees. I think the only reason for my blogs being so popular on the company’s Intranet Blog is that somewhere every employee can co-relate with themselves on what I write. In the recent past I have received many compliments on my writings which have really pleased me. Comments like “Tu to Hira hain..Hira”, “Dolyat Pani”, “U write like Chetan Bhagat” (Still to digest this one..but then I know that what I write is nowhere close to one of my fav. author’s writings), “tu sachi main bahut acha blogs likhta hain”, “nicely written”, “with every post, your writing seems to get more…comment-worthy, for the lack of a better word” have obviously motivated me to write more. So now why the title “Black Beauty”.           

I was thinking on how uncreative and terrible I used to write in school. In our 5th Std. English Paper we were asked to write an autobiography of a horse. Just the previous year we had a chapter on a horse named “Black Beauty” which was still fresh in my mind. I literally told the entire story of Black Beauty as if it was my original story and I felt it was very creative since I had changed the color of horse from black to white in my autobiography. My creativity lasted until the results when the English teacher announced that 40 out of 60 students had written on Black Beauty with minor modifications which left me feel disgusted.             3 days before I was working in my 14 hours worker shift and was about to leave when at precisely 1:21 am I receive a SMS saying “…and i feel u should write coz u are very good at it… Excellent.write a autobiography or about yourself ul do gud” 

I think its time to first refine my *original* “Autobiography of a Horse”.


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