Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | March 14, 2007


Mazhya Blog chi navin CHADDI!! Tuk tuk. “Feeling very comfy” is what my blog is saying.

A joke on CHADDI!

Q: What is the problem with very typical Maharashtrian girls?

Ans: She says “Aaho CHADDI ikde tikde taku naka” after sex.



  1. Eeek!

    I don’t think this belong here. In particular, the chaddi joke.

    And your entirely politically incorrect statements are going to start a riot on WordPress (almost all my friends seem to be hell-bent on doing that!)

  2. If we Maharashtrians enjoy Sardar jokes then why not one on us!!

    PS: Please take this joke in a lighter sense as I dont wish to hurt anyone’s sentiments.
    Any emotional disturbance caused is unintentional. No offence meant against the beautiful Maharashtrian girls.

  3. I wanted to write down something on my new theme but the first word that came to my mind was CHADDI. So just scribbled it.

  4. Ha ha!

    Can I send a link of this post to Miss Seema Joshi?

  5. And comment moderation is off!!

    Hurrah! Joy to the world!!

  6. I haved mailed her the reply. I think I will call/msg her only after a week or so.

  7. hey guys….
    i really liked the joke ya.. did not reply cause i really laughed out at that n i also know that i am totally capable of saying that… so i agree this can happen n its pretty funny…
    n avadhut next time u can send me the link neways…
    now that u all know i am totally harmless :)))))))

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