Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | March 13, 2007

Crush of the month

Crush of the month This particular advertisement I have been watching for more than a month now and I am more than convinced the model in this ad deserves the prestigious “My Crush of the Month” award. Have a look at the innocence and the sparkle in her eyes, her glowing face, her sweet smile, her….  

I was searching for just one snap of hers for about 15minutes and finally I found out the entire ad. I think when it is true love then things just fall into place 😉 .  It’s because of such lovely girls that I feel like just falling in love again and again. 

Download it from and help me find her. 

 Note: The font color.



  1. LoL! Welcome fellow Roman…I am counting days to when I will be there in Pune. We will first greet each other with a customary “My land is Switzerland” dance, or are we too old for it? Naah, we will never be too old for something that good.
    P.S: Who is she?
    P.P.S: Of all the nice themes that are available, you found this one you twit? Change, and change soon. Ok! try the Hemmingway, or go for the one that my blog has, Andreas 09, you could change the color scheme.

  2. Uggh! You have comment moderation! In the name of all things beautiful, please disable it.

    Update: Blogroll modified.

    Is this award monhtly or quarterly? Are you accepting nominees?

    Would A from Orkut qualify?

  3. All these weekends I was as free as Anmol without girlfriends(sounds too Fictitious)..but suddenly I am loaded with so much work that I have to stay till 10pm 😦 :(. Work also on weekends so kinda Frustu.. But we will surely plan something grand..

    The theme was chosen as it goes well with the orange font of all my prev. posts. Planning to change..

    Award depends on the discretion of the judges.

    A.N from Orkut (was going to mention her in this post but didnt) gets the Best Critics Award.

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