Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | March 6, 2007

I hope she doesnt…

Continuing with my previous post… Its 1:00 am and I just posted the “Holi Hai!” post on my blog and I am about to sign off from GoogleTalk. Now this Chicken # 2 ( I met her just the second time on Holi ) mentioned in my previous post has just added me on GoogleTalk and we are having a nice chat. I hope she doesn’t read this post… otherwise I will be run out without getting even a single ball to play.
Kiran Vaidya run out (direct hit) 0 (0)

She is from Goa and I am expressing my love for Goa. Now she is commenting on each snap (there r total 71 and she is at 31) of our Goa’s trip on Hal’s website. YAWWWWN!! Feeling sleepy. Why God has given such magical powers to girls.

Oh!! my God. I just realized that I have mailed the same blog on our MCA Gang’s Google Groups. So theres no point in editing the previous post. I hope Nachiket doesn’t fwd it to her…
This habit of penning down my thoughts is landing me into deep trouble.

Its 2:30 …got to sleep..must wish her good night…no sweet dreams from her side. Even I wont wish her..

Kiran: neways…now going for sleep
bye and gnite
we will keep meeting on googletalk
Chicken # 2: ya bye gnite
ya sure
gr8 talkin to u



  1. LoL
    Can I sing?
    “I am so tired?
    I am falling in love,
    I find it easier, to fall out!

    I cant’ deny it,
    the feeling inside,
    its deep as fire, and you cant’ hide!

    Falling in love again,
    there’s nothing I can do…
    Falling in love again,
    and this time its with you…
    When i fall,
    its always the same…
    And I am so tired,
    of playing this game…”

  2. oohhh, i know you are going to kill me for this…Happy Holi!

  3. P.S: Please move to wordpress!
    Blogger is being very sucky!! Please, please..I will elaborate on the more finer nuances of a move to wordpress when we meet!


    see, see…what can be achieved with just text of different colors…
    Also, try registering on this site……if successful, you will be given a 20 mb webspace and all the tools required to test out ur own servlets free of charge..the catch: you have to code a small program that they ask you to, to be qualified for registering..few lines, no biggie!

  5. Its nothing what u r thinking..I was chatting with her for the first time.

    Javaserver site seems cool. Help me sign up. The code asks for some unheard classes like ‘HandlerFactory.getHandler’ .
    Give me the code.

  6. “Nothing!” Yeah right. Anyways, we can fight on that when I come to Pune.

    LoL. Will check the puzzle for javaserver tomo and send you the code.

    And for the umpteenth time–Change the damned theme

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