Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | March 6, 2007

Holi Hai!!!

After much confusion we finally decided that we will play Holi after lunch. Nachi called me to confirm and I agreed on the plan. The only problem was the place to play Holi. So we decided that we will go to everyone’s place and just color them. The moment I cut the phone I forgot all about the plan and went in my bathroom. Nachi called again and started laughing on the phone when my mom told him that I was taking a bath. I had once again proved that I was a true Deshastha Brahmin. I cursed myself when I realized that I will have to take bath more than 10 times in a single day since a bath after playing Holi is equivalent to 10 times the pain otherwise.

Both were at my place around 2 and I asked mom for the Activa keys since Activa would be better to keep my wallet and mobile. Mom told me that dad has taken it to buy Jalebis for all of us. Now that’s why I call my dad SUPERCOOL. Having spent his childhood in Mathura and Jabalpur he knows the way Holi should be celebrated. After eating the Jalebis we collected Prasad and headed for Swati’s hostel. On our way we met our VIT seniors, Yatin and Vikrant. They were waiting for someone under a tree, without any color on their face, like good boys. Vikrant was shouting on Yatin “Kashala Hi! Kela tyana”. Then like a feared kid he requested that at least to keep the respect that they were our seniors in college. But it sounded more like Sunny Deol shouting “Tariq pe Tariq pe Tariq” since no one paid a heed to their request. In 2 minutes they were no more good boys.

Before reaching Swati’s place I had purchased 4 eggs. 1 each for Swati, Prajakta and Sachin and 1 as back up or for Bhir-Bhir. The girls (now the chickens to be butchered) were awaiting their destiny. Before Chicken #1 (Swati) could understand anything PHATTT!! I cracked an egg on her head and said “What an awesome timing of the pigeon flying above your head”. If Thaaka hadn’t laughed probably Chicken #1 would have really believed me. Then we went to Sachin’s place (our sweet Sheli) and I continued the trend. But this time Sheli didn’t like the timing of a Dukkar taking Paanga with her(oops him). . Bhir-Bhir’s demand for a Calcutta Masala where we used to eat PAAN regularly during our VIT days was granted. We returned back to Swati’s hostel. Chicken # 2 (Prajakta) was ready..but more in the style of Bhagat Singh..she preferred death with a smile. This time Nachiket (obviously) did the honors of cracking the egg. Swati’s Latur friends joined the fun but soon we were short of water. I was about to joke on the water situation in Latur but feared her friends as they out numbered us.

Meanwhile I had asked Thaaka to bang an egg on Bhir-Bhir’s head since Bhir-Bhir knew the 4th egg is for him and trusted only Thaaka. But expectedly Thaaka refused so I had to do complete the task. .

I knew the only thing on Chicken # 2’s mind was vengeance. So now I played the role of a traitor falling victim to an innocent face. I must say Chicken # 2 was looking nice in wet hair (With all due respect I’m saying this in a very nice way). I had exactly 3 Rs. as change and got one egg and gave it to Chicken # 2. She literally smashed the egg on Nachiket’s head. It was the most unexpected thing to happen for him. TAUHIN! But unfortunately he knows me too well. He didn’t even try to validate his assumption on who must have given an egg to her.

The whole gang conspired against me. Thaaka had 2 and Bhir-Bhir and Nachiket had 1 egg respectively. Like a true soldier I fought till the end. Finally all the log entries were cleared. 3 on me and 1 on Thaaka .I really felt sorry for him but it was part of the game.

Moral of the story: It all ends where it starts.

I returned home after our Holy Holi (Holy since it was Holi without Bhaang..though I would have loved drinking one cup). I was almost driven to death by the suffocation and the rotten smell of eggs on my head. It was the longest bath of my career since I had to remove every molecule of color on my face as next day I had office.

I was feeling great. I think the last 2 or 3 years I had not played Holi. Enjoyed a lot but missed playing with Manmit, Mukul, Hal, Seema and Anmol. The eggs did their job of an excellent conditioner for my hair. I could boast of silky soft hair.



  1. Select the entire para in yellow and light green for clarity

  2. Why can’t you change the font color instead for a better user experience?

  3. Actually this post was to test whether that Comment moderation thing was disabled.

    I wont change the font color. Let my esteemed readers also take a few efforts.

    I know Ppl like Manmit will just ignore the paras

  4. hey..i did not ignire the para..i selected n read it :))))))
    N yes i do miss all those holi moments :)))) It used to be fun..lets do it next holi :)))))

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