Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | February 28, 2007


A sudden realization that many people have started reading my blog. So should I think before writing? Should I just write some humorous stuff which will make others happy? First time in my life I had started expressing myself…expressing what my heart wants to say. It might not be the right way but it certainly gives me a lot of psychological satisfaction when I post it on my blog and I feel even better if a close friend posts a comment on it.

I was almost going to delete my post which raised so many eyebrows. I logged in, checked the post that should be deleted but clicking on the delete button was the toughest thing to do. Deleting the post meant tearing away the page of your personal diary, which you value the most, with your own hands. I failed. It was a very hard thing to do. I logged out.

On second thoughts I said to myself that the blog is MY UNIVERSE. I am the creator (and the destroyer) of this universe. I enjoy the freedom of expressing my opinions, my thoughts, my views on my blog. Also it is refining the creative side of my brain. Its only because of this blog that I spend some quality time of at least half an hour in a week

I am NOT going to stop writing..though definitely I will be a bit more careful..careful for it might hurt people close to me..careful for it might offend someone and careful as there are many venomous snakes around.



  1. PS – People coming and reading your blog means they want you to write in the way you used to, write for yourself and not for us.



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