Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | February 27, 2007


A cartoon strip I can relate with(Click to enlarge). Some similar incident had taken place in my life. I used to shout on dad and make him realize that there is no point in going for work..all because he used to return home after 6 and I could play cricket for only half an hour with him. Then I would trouble mom and she would shout on me and say to dad “Jevha yhala asach porga hoil na..tevhach tyala kalel”. One fine day I was thinking on it and I wished to God that not to grant my mom’s wish.
I guess even today she must be saying this once in a while
Just like Calvin had his fictitious friend Hobbes I used to play fictitious cricket matches in my room throwing the ball with one hand on the wall and then hitting it with both hands (obviously with the bat) as it returned towards me. I had decided the rules with virtual boundaries for 1,2,3 and 4 runs. But it was a very unbiased game as sometimes in my score cards Kiran More and Kapil Dev (my fav. players ) used to be out for a duck.

God..give me a time-machine!!!


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