Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | February 18, 2007

A Moist Moment

THE DAY had finally dawned. I was going to meet her after more than 9 years. Probably God was also not in His usual mood of playing any game this time. Finally both of us were in the same city with time to spare for each other. I reached home at 4:30 am from Nashik and completed the formality of getting out of bed at 8 am since I had not slept for the past 2 hours.First thing in the checklist scripted in my mind the previous night was a full shave. I couldn’t believe it…just 12 hours before I had shaved for that irritating wedding and was shaving again. After a long bath with Nizoral shampoo (to hide my dandruff) I picked up the ironed white formal shirt. I hated it, but being a Monday I had to wear it for office. Just then I noticed a little wrinkle on the shirt. I was like “What the f*#$”? But then I said to myself “Its OK..dude”. It’s not as if I wanted to impress her or something like that. I have always been honest to her and will always be. But one thing is for sure…I wanted to be my best; wanted to be my most presentable on THE DAY.

Reached office, signed the attendance register, filled the timesheet and headed straight to Anmol’s office at 11:15am to collect his Indica. I could feel how happy he was for me. Anmol just gave me one advice “If you bang the car ,just chill!! Its OK. Simply call me up then”. Felt nice although the advice was unnecessary. He had kept orchid flowers in the front seat with his visiting card and wishes written on it for her. I said in my mind “How sweet of Haval”. I was using words like “sweet” ..eeeikks.

I had taken a sensible decision of leaving early to meet her since was caught in the worst traffic ever. I was stuck up at Chaturshringi for more than 20 mins. 12:15pm: Call from her- “The autowala has dropped me at this Univ. gate opposite the place where the flyover is being constructed”.
Me: “Will reach there in the next 5 minutes”.
“15 minutes early” –I said after disconnecting the call. Impressive..very very impressive.

FINALLY I saw her. No words to ever describe the feeling… BLANK!!! I was LOST!!! Believe me next 10 minutes I just don’t remember. Felt like a recurring dream come true. I even asked her to pinch make me realize that its not a dream. We reached this plush very formal place in Aundh for lunch. SILENCE still…with a few laughs, giggle and murmur.

It was kind of very weird, very odd that till the previous day we were talking so much through SMS and GoogleTalk and in front of each other were searching for words.
The waiter broke the silence. Now this place had a Buffet at Lunch hours. So she requested the waiter for Àl a carte. “Àl a carte!!!. Oh!! ya.. I have heard that word before. It is French word for menu” I said in my mind. I confess that I neither knew its spelling (MS Word got it right for me) nor its pronunciation.

I observed that she fiddled with the fork just touching it on the table cloth twice or thrice… God! Why do all girls share some common threads? And what was she thinking in her mind that particular moment…or probably she was just not thinking about anything in particular. I was clueless, like always. No guy can ever crack the mystery of what a girl’s mind (by default which is very complex) is thinking at a particular instant. I too day-dreamt, just for a few seconds, on how wonderful life will be with someone like her around the entire life. The dream…it was beautiful. But certainly not as beautiful as the person sitting in front of me. Beautiful…not only for what God has gifted her but also for being such an amazing and a marvelous person.

Gradually our discussions started and soon there was not a moment of silence. Initially a minute seemed like an hour, but the hour soon passed in a minute. She had ordered for a Chi. Sandwich and I had ordered for a Chi. Burger. By the time I finished my leafy Chi. Burger(which made me feel more like a goat), she had just finished half of her sandwich and requested me to eat the remaining half. I politely denied her sweet request for 2 reasons-
a) I was content with the Burger and didn’t want myself to overindulge.
b) I was so sure that I would not be able to eat the sandwich with the knife and fork as skillfully as she had so I thought its better not to have it.

Post lunch things were even better. Even the slightest air of formalities or silence had vanished. We went back to Pune Univ. where her very close friend (umm… lets call her Lucky as she reminded me of Sneha Ullal from the Salman-starrer movie Lucky), was going to meet us. We waited at Open Canteen. Memories of me, Avadhut and Seema (the Jai,Viru and Basanti of Modern College) flashed in my mind as more than 50% of my TYBCS life I had spent here. We were sitting in the car, listening to mp3s and chatting non-stop. Lucky arrived in half second (means half an hour).

I had a preconceived image of Lucky since I had heard so many nice things about her. Lucky turned out to be very much what I had thought of. She was also a very sweet and beautiful girl. By now the departure moment was nearing. Both the girls were almost ready to leave ….but my inner voice was yelling “WAIT….,WAIT just few more minutes”. So I asked them that at least let us have an ice cream. A positive reply..felt nice!

Next 5 minutes and VROOM!!..3 of us heading for FC Road in search of a decent ice cream parlor. We reached Richmonds Ice Cream. I guess (purely an assumption) the two communicated with a special body language(like all close friends share) which was impossible to decode. For the first time in my life I saw two girls who are really very close friends. Just then I got a call from my colleague saying the project meeting is in the evening. It reminded me that I had just risked my first project meeting. But I meeting her was destined as the project meeting got postponed.

While driving back to Pune Univ. she was in her natural mischievous mood and just to pull my leg called me “MATTHA”. The dart player had hit the bull’s eye. It was just another nick name for me (I had dozens till date like Chakri, Dheri ,Baba….) but honestly it hit somewhere deep inside my heart. We reached the parking. Open Canteen suddenly didn’t seem like a very cheerful place. It was time for FINAL GOOD-BYE. I tried hard to hide my body language which was asking for some more time extension and was successful in it. I guess I have mastered this art long before.

My Indica followed their Scooty. I overtook the Scooty and waved my hand. They took an U-Turn after the newly constructed fly over. I slowed down the Indica and parked it roadside. I was still looking at them from my mirror. Within a few seconds…GONE…not an inch could be seen. I just put my head on the steering wheel.

A never before experienced MOIST MOMENT of my life…an unusual feeling, an emotion beyond my understanding…actually a mix of many emotions. At the same time I was so happy, euphoric and elated for we had finally met; hopeful that we will meet again someday; wishful that we will meet again very soon; regretful for being a MATTHA and a bit insecure…and I really don’t know why?

I will certainly cherish the sweet memories of 12 Feb ’07 my entire life.



  1. “I have my freedom, but I dont’ have much time…
    Lets do some living, after we die!”

  2. On a more wishful note…I wish she comes acorss your post!

  3. well said Hal..
    was expecting a comment abt the Àl a carte incident.
    Keep ur wishes to urself…bcos if they turn out to be true then I am dead man.

  4. The À la Carte incident-well I am glad that you atleast got the spelling right! Well almost right. Will mail you later, a big mail…
    p.s:- For the next time, the opposite of À la Carte is Table d’hôte–the whole buffet thing (literally it means the host’s table)

  5. How to pronounce Table d’hôte :).

  6. “Nicely written abt. u r meeting with u r friend after a long gap… thanxs for sharing it here on blog.. I really liked each and every moment.. sp. the friend of ur”s who without any hesitation gave his car to u….. than last but not the least u seeing her last time through the car mirror… that was romantic….”

    -An anonymous sender mailed me today.

  7. :)…… 🙂

  8. Ur blog is really nice !

  9. touchy tha ! even I (like swecha) wish that she reads your post !

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