Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | January 31, 2007

Poems composed by me on our return journey

2 posts are pending. The first about my trip to Nagoan -Alibaug(the nth time) on 20-21 Jan and the second on my wonderful Goa trip this looong weekend (25-29 Jan). But I am tempted to post this one. Honestly I am a bit skeptical on posting these two poems which I penned digitally by storing in my Nokia 1600.In our return journey for about 2 hours from Sawantwadi to Kolhapur there was pin drop silence in our Tavera. Everyone was lost in their own world (trance…that’s the word we used in the entire trip). I realized all of us were like the moon…showing just one part and hiding the other part of our life from each other. Just like the moon even our life was in phases. I was in one of those rare moods to compose poems.I composed two poems- one English and one Marathi.
————————————– ————————————–
A Beautiful evening
An evening like no other,
Just the two of us with no one to bother.

On the lonely highway I was driving my car,
Away to an undecided place very far.

Finally we reached a silent beach,
Which was out of everyone’s reach.

I looked at her sitting on the cold sand,
As she held my hand in her warm hand.

Then she kept her head on my caring lap,
And closed her eyes for a small nap.

I prayed to God to take care of her forever,
Also wished time to stop forever.

Suddenly awake was she..tightly hugged and kissed me,
As we were watched only by the silver waves of the sea.

I bent and was on my knees,
In the speechless mood and the cool blowing breeze.

I expressed what I should have had, long before..finally,
She just kissed my hand and smiled blushingly.

Its still my most memorable evening,
Alas! The morning rays woke me from dreaming.
————————————– ————————————–
Pravasatil shantata

Pravasatil ratrichi shantata khup kahi bolun jate,
Manat asleli sagli kodi sodvun takte .

Kodyachi uttara manala samjavna khup avghad jata,
Karan te nehmi mana viruddha asta.

Pravasatil ratrichi shantata khup kahi bolun jate,
Kadhitari manapasun anand tar kadhitari dukha hi deun jate.



  1. Wishful thinking…wishful thinking! Utterly beautiful, and awesomely expressive…

  2. […] Suddenly a thought came to my mind and I scripted this poem and stored it in my Nokia 1600. I think traveling single inspires me to write a poem. The last time I wrote one was while returning from Goa in Jan. I had already posted it on this blog over here. […]

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