Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | January 11, 2007

My first steam bath

It’s now almost 2 weeks since I have joined a gym to stick with my New Year resolution of loosing a few extra pounds. My Gym plan includes steam bath too. Today I made my debut.I have to confess it was a bit embarrassing sharing the same room with 2 guys luckily my very close friends –Sachya and Nachya. I entered the steamy room after taking a mandatory shower. Visibility was zero and I heard Sachin’s voice saying “give me your hand“. After some acts which will make Rani Mukherji’s character in “Black” really proud I managed to find Sachin’s hand. Soon Nachya entered the room and 3 of us were just sitting on the Japanese style wooden bench.

I started my usual nonsense talk like “I am just getting the feel that we are trapped by the Nazis in the smoke chambers and within minutes we will be choked to death by CO (carbonmonooxide..i know its shortform) gas” and Sachya shouted on me “Kirnya..tula gapp nahi ka basta yet”.
In 5 minutes I was profusely sweating. It was time for second round of shower –the technical reason being now the pores on our skin have opened up and all the dirt on the skin is exposed.

We were back in the Holocaust chambers where we did some dirty guy talk which is not worth mentioning in my clean and pure blogspace.
I was really enjoying this stuff. My whole body was relaxed..atleast psychologically.
Soon the room was too heated up and it was time for the last round of shower.

While taking the shower I said to Sachya that lets take it everyday which was overheard by a senior person..thnx to my loud voice. He was quick to interrupt “If you take it daily you will soon be bald”. I don’t mind being one.. after all bald men look intellectual and are genetically more advanced.

One more side effect of a steam bath, according to me is, one is forced to run for the loo immediately after the 3rd round of shower. More water loss.
I just mentioned the 3rd shower round. If I was in school I swear I wouldn’t have taken bath for the next 2 days.

PS: All 3 of us were in our towels and ups



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