Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | January 9, 2007

Perfect way to end 2006

My last week of 2006 was spent planning for a one day trip on either 30th or 31st . Finally it was decided that we (MCA Gang) will go on our bikes to Lonavala via Pavna Dam route. We were 7 of us- Sachya and Swati on CBZ, Abhi and Aniket (Abhi’s school friend whom we all met for the first time) on Splendour, Saurabh and Mugadha on Saurabh’s bike (obviously) and I was all alone on my Splendour. That’s why I hate odd numbers on trips. But somewhere down in my heart I guess, I preferred being all alone. I would have certainly loved to drive with my friend but I was missing on one thing in life..and that was spending time with myself. One reason I really love traveling is I get this wonderful opportunity of speaking with all the random thoughts of my mind.I had longed for a bike trip since about 6 months and here I was driving on the smooth curves of Pune-Mulshi Road defying Anmol’s baseless theories on bike trips like on a bike all of us cant be together and then ofcourse the comfort factor and his fav. one being all of us cannot listen to the same mp3 on bikes. I had plugged my loyal companion –Creative MuVo TX FM 512 MB mp3 player and it was loaded with all my fav. songs which I had copied the previous night. But this time I copied a few romantic numbers too…the only reason being I was bored of all the usual stuff on Tanhai ,Teri yaad aati hain etc.The trip started without our ritual of standing for 2 mins in silence. The ritual is performed especially for Saurabh in advance for all the chadh-chadh that he has to suffer. First stop was at some motel near Pirangut which looked more like being converted from an auto garage. A heavy bill of about 250 (Egg Burji + Pav -35 Rs) made us look like morons. But now all of us earn so we (the participants of the Software Industry rat race..rather a rat marathon) paid the bill as if we hardly care.

The drive continued till Hadshi – a tiny village which has a palatial Temple of Shri Sai Baba (not Shirdi’s Sai Baba but the South Indian so called Sai Baba’s avatar).
I mentioned to Swati that there are a few semi-tamed deers roaming freely near the temple. Her baby-like face (think of a baby being offered ice-cream, chocolate and chips at the same time) did the talking. A default round of individual snaps with the beautiful landscape at the background followed. 30 mins and we were still clicking snaps near the lotus pond, in front of the temple, near the parking…we had digi-cams after all.

From here on the real fun started. The road to Lonavala is very scenic with clear blue water of Pavna Dam; believe me it is blue in color. Just 1 km before the dam a local suggested us to take the non-tar road going in the direction of the tempting waters. A half km moto cross like rally and we reached a silent, serene spot. I could read Bhir-Bhir and Saurabh’s mind. They wished to be here only with the special person in their life. I thought that I can easily spend the whole day watching just the tranquil blue waters provided there is some tent, good music and some food with the company of Anmol, Mukul ,Manmit or Avadhut (but only 2 of them otherwise the place will no more remain silent). Ok…ok I also wished to be with someone- not just watching the lake ,but boating right in the middle of the lake in a small rubber boat which can accomodate just the two of us and enjoying the most romantic moment of my life. A splash from a stone thrown by Sachin brought my mind back to reality. It is very irritating when someone disturbs your day dream even before it actually makes some progress. Another round of snaps followed and we had to leave the place as it was already 1pm.

A boating spot stopped our drive. But the huge queue forced us to change our mind and leave this place too.

Finally we arrived in Lonavala. Places like Mahableshwar, Lonavala turn up into mini- Gujarath if you visit them on holidays like 15th Aug,26 Jan..and 31st Dec. is no exception. We had our lunch in the claustrophobic Gurukrupa Hotel and then returned to Pune after a non stop 1 hour drive on the newly constructed Old Pune Mumbai Highway which is almost as good as Expressway. The best part of the return journey was we didn’t have to pay toll since we were on bikes (Otherwise it is 39Rs. for cars)…Anmol are you listening? Pune was just 10 kms and the sun had almost set. Just then I realized that those were the last rays of the sun in 2006. Immediately I took out my Olympus. The sun couldn’t be seen any more and the clouds were transformed into one huge mass of all shades of red. Still I managed to click the last orange rays of the sun in 2006.

I was totally exhausted by the time I was at my place and reached Bappan’s house after 8pm for the new year party. Oh!! The party hosted by Bappan was truly awesome. Will write details on it in some other post.

Just forgot to complete the formality… HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF U.



  1. Swear to God, if is does indeed exist, I too was watching the last sunset of 2006 at Awas wondering whether somewhere you all might be doing the same…All the while whispering silent whispers into the breeze, hoping that it would carry them to you…Miss you all…And I will never forget the last new year’s I spent in Pune with all of you…

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