Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | December 24, 2006

An unusual Saturday evening

A post after a really long time. I guess by now even Avadhut doesn’t read my blog. Yesterday’s evening was very different and unusual.. cant put into words.I was feeling very low and felt like just not meeting anyone. Luckily Manmit, Anmol and Mukul had their respective commitments. I guess Mukul was free but after having a taste of my mood till 7 even he left my place.

My simple, easy going life had turned too complex and I kept on consoling my mind. But I think at this age one has to go thru such situations. I wanted to do something which will divert my unilateral thinking mind. So I decided to read a book. I had only 2 unread books in my room apart from a few Travel magazines. One was “How I taught my Grandmother to read” by Sudha Murty and the other was “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand. I generally read a book when someone suggests me and both were suggested by my very close friends. The first book was suggested by a person who knows me very well and was sure that I would love this simple, light-hearted book. The second book was suggested by a special person who wanted my thought process to change and make me an even better human being. But for some reason I didn’t want to read that book as it certainly wouldn’t have satisfied my purpose of reading a book. So I decided to read the former.
The first page of the book had the publisher’s note saying this is Sudha Murty’s first book for children. I sighed.. “then its definitely for me”. The first story itself was so inspiring that I decided to complete the book that very day…and believe me I started reading the book by 8pm and had finished it by 11pm.

I fail to understand why the publishers (penguin books, India) have written that its just for kids. The book has a collection of beautifully written very short stories(3-4 pages, big font) for all ages and all kinds of people. There are stories on the most inspiring Indian personalities like APJ Abdul Kalam, JRD Tata, Narayan Murty and by the time you finish the book you will realize that Sudha Murty, herself also belongs to this elite club.

There was one story on Teacher’s day which reminded me of Sharada Mam, the best and my fav. teacher after 10th .She taught us for 2 semesters in MCA. She was one teacher(rather only) whom I really respect. I feel she was the only lecturer who was in the profession because she loved to teach ..unlike others who became lecturers after realizing the fact that they cant survive in any other profession. Sharada Mam was so much full of energy and exhibited deep understanding and knowledge of the subjects. But the most important aspect was she loved all her students and never taught just from the examination point of view. She left the college as her husband got a transfer to Hyderabad.

My mind was full of guilt as I realized that in my 4 months of stay in Hyderabad I never met her..inspite of thinking abt the same for many times. I had her email ID so cannot give any excuses. Rather before leaving for Hyd. I had decided that in any case I would meet her and gift her small baby a chocolate or something. But as usual my laziness had the better of me and that’s one thing I really really hate about myself. I have done this many times before. The sudden realization of me not obeying and respecting my own thoughts added the complexities of my mind. I took a oath that next time if I want to do something (which is not wrong) ,I am gonna do it. I just hope that I atleast follow this. Good choice for a new year resolution. That’s my second new year resolution (The first obviously being to reduce a few extra pounds). I realized that my mind is again being diverted and started reading the next story.

In the next 2 hours I was so involved in reading that book that I almost forgot to even have my that sounds strange..Dukkarbaba forgetting his lunch. I finished reading the book and the smile was back on my face. I thanked Seema for suggesting me to read this book and just then I received a SMS. It was from the same person who had suggested me to read Fountainhead…..



  1. Hmm, with every post, your writing seems to get more…comment-worthy, for the lack of a better word. So, Ayn Rand haan? I dont’ know who suggested you that book, but its definately not one of us. Its true that the women writes epics, but I have found her writings to be a bit dangerous, if not approached with a mature outlook. Anyways, keep reading, and definately keep writing.
    Ohh, almost forgot, Merry Christmas, the mail was read and is currently being thought about..!!

  2. Respected madam

    Myself Narasimha Murthy native of Raichur.
    Recently I visited to Mantralayam their I found lots of infrastructure development such as roads, lodges etc., But their is no proper drainage system , all the waste water is directly sending into the Holy river Tungabhadra . especially the waste of sulabha.
    Kindly take some serious action ASAP.

    Thanks & Regards

    Narasimha Murthy

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