Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | November 21, 2006

Sulemaani Kide

I used to often use this word in Hyderabad and many (esp. girls) would ask me what it means. Its something that u do which u r not supposed to…like if I post this blog from my office when I am assigned on a task and surfing is not allowed or if a student is playing his mobile ring tone of a baby crying during the lecture.
Definition: An ethical crime which will make a friend like Avadhut really proud.
In my college days I was a black belt in committing Sulemaani Kide. My fav. Sulemaani Kida was eating Sheng-Dane (Groudnuts) on last bench during JP’s lecture and offering Suman one..and then his reply of “Kiran, matt” would motivate me to do it again.
With this blog I have given the world the definition of Sulemaani Kide. I think a star should be given my name to honor this achievement.



  1. I am so so proud of you. You dont know how happy it makes me (tears in my eyes). Sniff, all the years of training and other sulemaani kidas we were regaling in, finally paid off!!

  2. ya but sometimes u get LOC 4 those sulemanni kiddes.. remember i used mobile fone in cafeteria nd got 1..

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