Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | November 21, 2006

New in Pune??

Just 4 months I was out of Pune and I realized that to live in my hometown people coming here for the first time need to accept 10 facts.

1) At a traffic signal red means to go and green means to Stop.
2) You should not raise voice against the awful conditions of the road, load-shedding and infrastructure in general.
3) Guys: If u stare at a beautiful Puneri mulgi she will give a look which will make u feel like Shakti Kapoor…aaooo. But believe me guys,she will like it.
4) Also please don’t smoke ur fav. Brand just to impress her. She will give the same look but this time she means it.
5) For students studying in Pune Univ u r gonna fail in atleast one subject. Please don’t fill the re-evaluation form for abt 300 bucks. It’s a waste of both time and money.
6) If u bang ur vehicle with a Puneri…dont worry. He will abuse u with his entire database of bad words only when u have covered the minimum distance after which u wont hear him talk and he is in a position to run away.
7) If u rely on the public transport then all the best..thats all I can say
8) For girls this is not a problem…kisi bhi localite ko patao..he will be having a bike to take you to any corner of the city.
9) Girls should also not worry abt security,safety etc…this is not North India (with all due respect to all my North Indian friends). U can come home even at 2am all alone irrespective of the area in which u r staying.
10) The maid in ur house is the Ultimate boss.
Having said that I believe Pune is the best place in India for all types of people to live. Respect its culture, traditions and the beautiful people and u will realize its one of the most open societies in India.


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