Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | November 6, 2006

Hyderabad Blues

It’s the name of the colony in which I am staying. Wikipedia will define it as a colony for Satyamites, of the Satyamites, but not by Satyamites. Almost each and every building/bungalow even lodges are converted into hostels dominated by us ,most of them trainees- the reason being Satyam buses have only one pick up point for its 12000+ employees operating from 15+ offices in Hyderabad. The dabbawala timings and the cost(28Rs just like in Satyam), istriwala services, Internet services etc. are customized as per Satyam’s batch timings. One bed with a little bit of furniture in a room shared by 3 will cost u around 2000.
If u throw a stone in any building the probability of hitting a Satyamite is 1. If the legendary singer, Kishor Kumar had to sing a song in our colony he will definitely sing “Mere Samne waali khidki main ek Satyamite rehti hain…afsos hain ki who bhi ek Satyamite hain.” The biggest problem is for the “new” couples. When they meet, when they leave the colony, where they go and at what time in the night they return back is known to everyone.
But what makes me jealous is the fact that my adjacent hostel is the only one where gender is NO BAR. 1 floor is for guys and 1 for gals. Every day I see haramkhor guys (who tease me just by looking at me) enjoying coffee with sweet North Indian girls in the common gallery.
I am going to miss this colony once I am relocated to Pune…hopefully



  1. very soon u’ll find urself in Pune..
    last but not leat few words..
    sung by..Indian Idol..
    that says best bout u..

    Tere jaisa koi kahaan???
    tujse hai saraa jahaan…

  2. ya man…
    every thing is jus full of that criss-cross logo of satyam
    (i hate it)
    and the height is dat, even on holidays u see those faces of poor satyamites… life’s jus 2 ridiculous!!!
    neways but paigah colony rocks!!!

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