Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | October 29, 2006

Thnx Avadhut

Avadhut’s scrap (obviously in my Orkut scrap book) had this URL It’s his homepage which took me just like Austin Powers Time machine back to my last 6 years which I have spent with this psycho guy. The website is simply awesome, superb, it’s a masterpiece. He has uploaded thousands of our snaps, almost each with a beautiful caption. I am sure it must have taken a year to complete the entire site and many sleepless nights. Each webpage is carefully designed with the same consistent font, design without using any template. That’s the difference between a carefully created handmade piece of art and one, directly out of a readymade mould. The former is always priceless.The website has captured every small moment that we all spent together. And these small moments used to make our trips, hangouts etc so special.

Right from my 2002 Bday till our latest Konkan trip..its all there. Just like you promised theres this entire section dedicated to our GOA Trip. Believe me Avadhut, browsing through the entire site was a very, very emotional experience. The whole night I was just thinking of the unforgettable moments that are etched in our minds forever. Keep it up. Now our memories are just a click away….



  1. Yup i too saw this site n it really is too gud…..
    it is pretty nostalgic really….

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