Posted by: Kiran Vaidya | October 26, 2006

Seat # 43 M

This was my seat number in the Volvo in which I was returning back to Hyderabad. I swear by my love to eat Pani Puri that I will never sit in this seat again. It is the middle seat (thats why ‘M’) in the last row of 5 connected seats. The seat doesn’t bent back and every time the Volvo goes through a rough patch you feel the most bumps. The kids were crying ,elders snoring and lights of every bus/truck passing in the opposite direction were focussing exactly in my 2 brown eyelids. To make things worse the movie being played was Kudrat starring Urmila and Akshaye Khanna. It was one of those rare movies in which Urmila is not even looking sexy. And then the worst nightmares came true. Someone in the bus farted. First I thought it’s some highway side chemical factory but then it smelled like rotten Diwali sweets. I just wished that Volvo had sliding windows. I knew it was the guy sitting next to me (probably a Satyamite) since he was looking at me in suspicion..a pretty old tactic. I put the APSRTC paper tissues on my nose whose cover proudly read as APSRTC owns the highest number of buses in the world…quite surprising. I got down at Ameerpet at 7 am but the chemical toxic odour was still in my nostrils.



  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.. hey Key-Ran.. u had a great experience ha.. ha ha ha ha.. mala tuzya baddal khup sahanubhuti aahe.. ha ha ha ha.. 😉

  2. hey that was really funny…..i can well imagine your situation.
    hey but this time we did not have pani-puri when you were here!!

  3. Methane – matchsticks – sparks . . . give you any ideas?

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